Dear Westover,

THANK YOU. Thank you for being the constant and support system in my life for the past 8 years. Through the ups and downs the people in this church community gave me support, hugs, conversations, and guidance. You were way more than a church to me, you were my safe place. You led me to understand my faith and express it without fear. You brought me to know people who love God with all their hearts and who constantly showed me the unconditional love of God. Thank you Westover for giving me Huddles, without Wednesday nights there is no way I would have made it through the struggles life threw at me. To my huddle leaders and the people in my huddle: y'all will never understand how much you all shaped my life. You guys helped me find my self worth and made me feel like I had a purpose. Through the lessons we were taught, huddle retreats, and late night talks in our huddle room I knew I was never alone in this world. Huddles changed me for the better and is something I will always cherish. Thank you Westover for introducing me to what I now call my favorite place aka Lander, Wyoming. The work we did there and the nature we saw made me fall in love with the world again. Wyoming is a place where I am the happiest; the memories I made there are beyond my favorite. That trip changed my life and is something that can never be replaced. Thank you Westover for giving me a youth group that was full of my best friends. All the van rides and trips we went on together will never be forgotten. I love this youth group and this church more than anything in the world. THANK YOU

To the kids currently in youth group... Do not take this for granted. These are some of the best times in your life, these are the moments you will never get back, and these are the friendships that will last you a life time. Do everything, go to everything. Homework isn't an excuse. Once you graduate and move to college, it will never be the same. Yes when you visit people will be there with open arms ready to hear all about your life (the good and the bad).... but you won't get the inside jokes everyone seems to think is hilarious, if the youth group has a new favorite song chances are you won't know it. But nevertheless this church will always be your home.

Westover you are amazing and I pray you are able to touch and change many more lives.

With all the love in the world,

a former member of the youth group.