Even though we both took different paths, I want you to know how much of an impact you have made in my life, as I hope I've done the same in yours. As years have now come into place and college has gotten in the way, I want you to know how much you still mean to me and know I still care and think about you each day.

I've met and made a lot of new friends and people in my life these past two years and I cherish those friendships just as much as I cherish ours. I look at my boys and friendships differently, as I think I have a different bond with each and every friend I have, which makes each and every one of those friendships unique like ours.

There have been times where an inside joke comes up and I've thought about you, or a song comes on and I think about a car jam sesh we've had, or a picture pops up of somewhere we've been and I think of the time we were at that place and the laughs and memories we've had. I want you to know I still care and I'm still supporting you from the sidelines.

Even though I hated high school, you are the one that helped me through it the most. It wasn't easy going to such a small school and having everyone watch every move you make and judge you constantly, and you are the only one who will ever truly understand what it was like, so thank you for that.

From show choir competitions to football games to random drives to La Juas and the laughs we've had, I hope you know you taught me a lot along the way. You gave me the confidence to find myself and supported me through hard times. I found a real, genuine, true friend and someone I could trust. We've had our tears and our heartbreaks, and we were always there for each other through it all, and that's something I'll be forever grateful for.

As time passes and times change, I want you to know our friendship never will. I know we have created some distance these past few years, but I hope in time we will catch up and meet again. I've missed our talks and our laughs and I've missed our vent seshes. Though I have may have grown and changed into a new person, know I still love you, support you, and miss you dearly. Stay true to yourself until I see you again Love you long time.