Let me start by saying that what you are feeling is perfectly normal. Do not let anyone who tries to convince you differently or judges you for expressing a different emotion make you feel ashamed. This next month is an exciting time. You are also entitled and validated to feel however way you might feel.

Of course, it is a bit saddening to realize you won't see the same people you've spent a majority of your life hanging out with. You won't ever have to use a locker for your textbooks and backpack again. No more high school dances, being dismissed by a bell, or classes from 8 AM to 3 PM. It's an end of a chapter.

Some of your friends might not understand why you're excited. They might think you're just ready to leave them, but you know that isn't the case. In my opinion, if you're excited about going off to college, it is a sign you chose the right school.

Yet you also recognize you are about to begin something amazing. I always cringe when people say, "High school was the best four years of my life." College is really meant to hold that title.

College is about to be the greatest adventure you have ever embarked upon. You are going to meet people who are going to broaden your horizons, make you laugh the hardest, and be there when you need a shoulder to cry on. These are your people. I am not saying your friends from high school won't be there for you. However, your friends from college will get to see you transform into an adult, your true self.

Everyone has different experiences from college, but from the way you are feeling, I know college is going to be better than high school. Nothing from high school really matters anyway once you get that diploma in under a month. I outgrew high school by junior year and was just ready to go out into the real world, and so are you!

I will say there will be a time you will cry. It will hit you that you are about to move away from what you are familiar with, and there is nothing wrong with that either. It hits everyone in different waves, but it is temporary. Do not let the sadness take over and make you doubt if you're making the right decision.

It is okay to be a little scared about college, but also really excited about college at the same time.

For now though, embrace the moment. You'll never be a senior in high school again, so you have to make it all count. You're in the home stretch and so close to the finish line. Congratulations!

Soon, you'll be receiving your diploma and done with high school forever. Next stop: dorm shopping!