An Open Letter To My Future Life Partner
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An Open Letter To My Future Life Partner

I know you are out there and we are destined to be together.

An Open Letter To My Future Life Partner

Dear Sweet-Pea:

Or Cupcake. Or Big Guy. Or Hunny Bun. Tater tot. Jellybean. Love bug....Babe? It is clear I have not decided yet.

How are ya?! Man, I cannot wait to meet you! I hope you are doing great. I hope you are making great memories that you will tell me about over dinner on our first date. Save them up, write them down, and put them in a little jar just for me.

Let me tell you a little bit about me. My name is Emily. Em is fine or you can get creative. Whatever you call me I am sure I will love it. I am in college right now studying to work for a non-for-profit organization. I believe in good works, have a strong faith in Christ, and dream of you very often. I want to tell you everything. All my adventures, every little frustration. The time I conquered my fears and zip lined 4,000 feet through the clouds or the time I road a motorcycle through the mountains of the Dominican Republic racing local donkeys and wild boars. You will even hear the story of my first heartbreak. I will tell you everything.

Right now, you have two feet on the ground just like me. You will look up at the sunset this evening and take a deep breath: just like me. Maybe your friends have started to get engaged and your own lack of partnership is affecting your sleep. You are either studying, working hard, on the front line, or in another country contributing to the greater good of the world. You are becoming the person I am going to fall so incredibly in love with. Whatever you are doing I know you are somewhere on this earth and you are getting to me as fast as you can.

Maybe you are in a relationship. Either you just met her or you just celebrated your first anniversary this past weekend. I am sure she is great if you are drawn to her but she is not yours. Soon, you will figure that out for yourself and on your own. It will hurt and you will shed some tears, although you prefer not to admit your ability to cry. But do not worry. This is not the end of your story - sitting there alone in your apartment with a little friend named Jack comforting you. Just like Rosé here is a great gal, but she will not bring me you any sooner than you are meant to be mine.

I dream that you dream of me too. You just do not know it is me yet. Someday, we are going to fall in love. We are going to get married. We are going to have kids and love them and love each so much. You will be the person I see the world with. We will have so many adventures and share so many firsts and I am so glad to do them with you.

Thank you for putting up with the hard to get to me. Thank you for remembering that joke a stranger on the subway told you so you could whisper it in my ear and make my glass of wine shoot out of my nose on Christmas Eve. Thank you for continuing going to church when your mom dragged you there, even though you were losing your faith in God. Thank you for being a man with his heart on fire for God no matter how many fallouts you needed to endure to get there.

Things get blurry but even in the fog we will find each other. Sometimes you just find things and that is what it will feel like. It will be natural, easy, everything you dreamed of, nothing you dreamed of and more. And I can not wait.

These next few hours, months, years without you will have it's highs and lows and it will all bring me that much closer to you. Here is the secret: we cannot vow to be perfect. In the end all we can do is promise to love each other with all we have got. And I am going to love you till the day I die. You will see when you are meant to see it.


*Insert cute nickname you will call me here*

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