To my future housemates,

The months cannot pass quick enough and the days go by any faster until we move into our little, cozy home together. The dinners that we will have, the memories that will be created, and the chaos that will most definitely ensue make me more and more excited about what’s to come in the years ahead while living with you all. With tears comes happiness, with drama comes peace, and with our small house comes a family that I never thought I’d have at school, and it makes me so happy to be living with you all.

Although we will struggle to find time to hang out with one another due to sorority commitments, extracurricular activities, and, of course, schoolwork, I know that the moments that we will share together in the coming years will last a lifetime. Trust me, I know there will be petty arguments and intense attitudes when something happens that another doesn’t like, but I know that we can make it through most anything because we are going to be like a family, like sisters, and most of all, like best friends that get to live the college dream together.

As we begin our next semester back at school and plan for the coming months together, know that I am so excited to be moving in with you all at the beginning of June. The fights, the smiles, the parties, the laughs, the tears that we will share will all be the highlights of my college experience and help to shape me into the person that I will become when I graduate. But, most of all, you guys will be one of the many reasons that I get to call Rutgers, and our small, little house, my “home.”

Here’s to the next year together…