To My Residents, From Your RA

This academic year was a big year for me: I became a junior, got inducted into a national business honor society, and- most importantly- I became a Resident Assistant.

Before getting this job, I wasn't really sure what a RA did. All I knew was that my RA had to let me back into my dorm room after I locked myself out, and he busted some people I knew at a party one time.

But, being an RA is so much more than busting parties and lockouts. It's understanding how to help with the transition from living at home in high school, to being on your own in college- maybe even for the first time in your life. You need to know how to be a resource, and how to be a friend.

This year, I had the pleasure of being the RA for 45 residents trying to navigate their first year in college.

So, to my residents:

It has been a long two semesters. Some of you have been here the whole time, some left early, and some came late. Nonetheless, you all earned a place in my heart. I may not be your best friend, but I have gotten the chance to get to know parts of each of you over this past year.

You came here anxious, excited, and ready to take on the next chapter of your life. You were no longer the people you were when you graduated high school. You were ready to take on college and to finally be on your own.

I don't know if any of you were really ready for what you were about to experience. But, you did it anyway. You came in, and you took college by the horns (go Bulls!).

Over the past two semesters, I've gotten the chance to watch you all try to fly, fall a few times, and get back up and succeed. You've all grown into amazing human beings, and you all have changed me for the better.

I chose this job because I wasn't sure if I would ever get the chance in my life to make an impact on someone. I chose this because I wanted to make an impact on you, but you all were the ones that made an impact on me.

I'm excited for next year. I'm excited to meet my new residents, and to have the chance to try again, but I know that my residents will just continue to make me grow.

For that, I will always be thankful.


Your proud RA.

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