My forever friend,

After months of waiting, days of planning , and hours of decorating it finally comes down to the single moment that you say "I Do". It is the day we have talked about for years even though we were hesitant to say if it would ever really happen. I can only say what a privilege it is to still be standing by your side as we both know that friendships don't always last. I am beyond happy that ours has.

I knew this day would come eventually and with the years that you have given me to prepare myself I still didn't think it would hit me as hard as it did. As I sat upstairs writing this letter I heard you have your first breakdown about whether or not the meticulously placed string of lights would stay on during your big day or if they would blow the fuse...again. Before I even got the chance to get up and reassure you that everything was going to be okay I noticed that someone had already taken on that role. That's when I realized I wouldn't be the person you ran to first when things went wrong or the only person you confided in when you weren't ready to confide in the world. As hard as that was to grasp it has eased my mind knowing that you have found a man you deemed worthy of filling those shoes I, oh so graciously, have stepped out of.

Knowing you, you have probably glanced in that mirror a million times, checking your lipstick, re-positioning that veil, and making sure those curls have fallen just right. Regardless, I want you to know there is not a single thing that you could do to look any more beautiful than you look right now. I am so proud of you and the love that you have set as an example for everyone around you.

I want you to know that no matter where life takes us, how far apart we are, or how hectic our daily routines become, you will always be my best friend.

I will always be a shoulder to cry on, a voice on the other end of the line to vent to, and the person you can rely on to give you terrible advice.

I will always be the Wine Wednesdays, Mexican Mondays, and lazy Sunday afternoons even though we don't do them near as often as we use to.

I will always be the person to laugh at all of your jokes even when others don't recognize your humor yet, the person to shamelessly pig out with you even though its 2am, and the person who will sing her heart out with you through the sunroof to some of our favorite throwbacks.

I will always be the person you can turn to who loves you just as much as the man standing at the end of that aisle waiting on you.

Those are my vows to you.

I am so proud of you, happy for you, and most importantly, thankful for you. So please, take a deep breath. Let me re-position those curls one last time, find your bouquet that you sat down yet again, and carry the back of your dress so it doesn't get dirty before your pictures. Let me do the rest of the worrying because you have done enough thus far.

Today is the day that you walk down that aisle into the arms of a man who views you as his entire world. I wish you a lifetime of happiness and two step dances in the kitchen because I know those are your favorite. I hope today is everything you have ever hoped for and more.

Congratulations one last time, Mrs. Bear.