An Open Letter To My Best Friend Who's Now In Spain

An Open Letter To My Best Friend Who's Now In Spain

"True friends never apart maybe in distance but never in heart" -Helen Keller

Cassi Burgin

Dear Best Friend (Tators),

It all started in the summer of 1999 when your brother introduced us. Don't ever get me wrong, I am so glad that he did. He is the reason you and I met but you and I are the reason we are best friends. I like to joke around and say that I can never let you go because you know way to much. We've done so many things together and have so many memories. We go back to when the sandbox was still in the backyard and when we would pretend our bikes were horses. As we grew up we started having "Say Yes To The Dress" marathons and would spend every new years eve together making "Shirly Temples" and waiting for the ball to drop. There's also Trivia Night at "Mcgirks" and lunch dates as well. Who could forget watching 'Todlers and Tiaras" and gawking over how awful "Honey Boo Boo" was. We shared a seat on the bus when we were given assigned seats and always sat up front where it was quiet. I had to get a permanent bus note to get off the bus at your house because I wasn't allowed to get off at the corner and walk up. I don't think theres ever been a time in our lives when we didn't speak. I can't even think of an argument that lasted more than thirty seconds. We've never walked away angry or been mad enough to hang up the phone.

I'd bring up the list of inside jokes but it's so long that it's absolutely ridiculous. If I had to name just a couple I'd go with "Ken in a box" and "Give Ralphie there some more, he's a bit of a pig".

You've been there for so many ups and downs and seen me at worst and also at my best. You were one of the first people I called when I found out that my parents were getting a divorce. Even though you were in your last semester of college and "busy as a bee" you kept tabs on me and were always in the know. My mom has told me that some people just know when they are needed and you have managed to do that more times than I can count. If I close my eyes I can hear you on the other end of the phone "What's wrong are you alright,are the cats alive" and if it's not in a phone call that same thing comes through as a text. It warms my heart knowing that you can do that because sometimes I just need to know that someone is there and thinking about me.

As we prepare to part ways once again as you leave to go across the world I have to say how proud I am to call you my best friend. Most of our traits counter act each other but that's what makes us us. In our case opposites attract and you are truly the "Amy to my Penny".

Love Me (Cheese)

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