An Open Letter To Food Babe And Her Followers
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An Open Letter To Food Babe And Her Followers

We're breaking the Food Babe facade.

An Open Letter To Food Babe And Her Followers
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Dear Vani Hari (aka Food Babe),

I joined the FFA and the 4-H in my teen years. I do not come from a farming family; I grew up on an acre and a half with parents born and raised in the city. I have not been influenced by generational views that could have swayed me to either side and I came in as a fresh clean slate. After years of exposure to this industry, I am here to say that not only has agriculture changed my life, but I am pro-GMO and pro conventional farming. Through science I have come to my own conclusions, I have formed my own opinions, and I am completely certain that your opinions are completely wrong.

I am an agricultural education major at Tarleton State University. My job is to educate high school students and the general public about agriculture. Agriculture is anything from crops to cows to environmental issues. You are a computer programming major, with no background knowledge of agriculture besides what you have read on the internet. I’d like to take this time to express my ingratitude of what you are saying about the agricultural community. These people are my friends and my fellow scholars. We spend lots of time researching with actual scientists.

I hang out on Facebook and I see your anti-GMO posts. I see the havoc that you are causing for the agricultural community. Now, even though we have scientific proof that GMOs are safe, and that organic is not any nutritionally better for you (Stanford University) we are watching politicians (many of which are under your influence) try to tell us how to do our jobs. I watch you gain followers and profit from people’s gullibility. You’ve become extremely wealthy while sitting on a throne of lies. People blindly follow. You’ve even convinced the government and many major corporations that you are correct. You may be a wonderful public speaker, writer, and leader, but so was Hitler and though that is an extreme comparison it is not a wrong one. People are so convinced that your bogus words are correct, they refuse to see the science that we are kindly asking them to look at. Even when we do present another point of view or attempt to fix some of your inaccurate information by using science, you block us from your page faster than we can say “GMOs are safe.” In fact, there is a whole Facebook group dedicated to those who you have blocked. Topping out at almost 10,000 members, I see post after post where people are completely polite to you and yet they’ve been blocked for having a more scientifically correct view point. But you can’t sell non-GMO books with pro-GMO facts.

If you are in the Food Babe Army, please step away from Google, and go speak to your local County Extension Agent, or a Farm Bureau representative. Your state’s land grant college has plenty of information regarding agriculture, GMOs and organic products! I’m sure any agricultural major would be more than happy to have a discussion and answer any questions. We as a community are doing our absolute best to get the facts out to you, Food Babe and the rest of the general public!

So, Food Babe, wanna chat? I’d love to have you as a speaker at our next Tarleton State Farmer’s Fight meeting, but your outrageous speaking fee is not in our poor college student budget. If you find it in the goodness of your heart to come have a discussion with us, I’d be more than happy to give you a time and date! Can’t wait to hear from you.


A broke, tired, pro-GMO college student

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