An Open Letter to Finals

Dearest finals,

Now that May is here, it's time to think about you. I mean, you've been in the back of my mind this whole semester, but the time has finally come to start asking what will be on the final, if we will receive a study guide, if we can have an online or open notes final. Typically, the answer the final question is no; but sometimes we get lucky.

Here's the problem with you: it's not that you're much different than the rest of the tests during the year. It's just you count for much of my grade, which is a bit terrifying. And, if you're cumulative, don't even get me started. It's difficult enough remembering information for one unit, let alone information we learned months ago. And if your notes aren't detailed enough, you might as well accept your impending doom.

Another problem with you is the 23-hour quiet hour enforcement. In my dorm during finals week, there's only one hour each day we don't have to be silent as a church mouse (9-10pm each night). And it gets too quiet, in my opinion. Yes, we have other places we can go talk and study in groups, but it is the embodiment of the stress of the week.

The stress is a whole different issue. You would think that a few tests wouldn't get college students down. Well, guess again. It seems like the library becomes a stress bubble during finals week, and the library is packed full of people. You bring about tears, sleep deprivation, frustration. Basically, you, a few pieces of paper, cause students to go through a whole array of emotions.

I guess there is one good thing about finals week. Once it's over, during Fall Semester, we're all packing up to go home for Christmas break. For some out of state students, this is the first time they have been home all year. For all students, they get to look forward to seeing their dog...and their family, of course. During Spring Semester, the end of finals is a sign that summer is here, which I believe is going to leave me with mixed emotions. Again, it's exciting to see your dog (and family), but I can't imagine not seeing the people I've met here for three whole months.

So, you see, finals? Sorry-not-sorry, you aren't the best for the minds of students. Maybe we should just get rid of does that sound?

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