An Open Letter To Every Kid Who Has Almost Lost A Parent

An Open Letter To Every Kid Who Has Almost Lost A Parent,

You always hear about the kids who have lost a parent, and with all due respect, my deepest sympathy goes out to you, but you never hear about those who have almost lost a parent. It is usually forgotten by others, the traumatic day(s) that you experienced, but as much as you may want to forget it as well, you can't. From the moment you get the dreaded call to the moment you first go to the hospital and have to face one of your biggest fears of seeing your parent lying helpless hooked up to countless machines, it didn't get any easier. The strength you had to have when you walked in the hospital room each time, because you knew that your parent was going to get emotional and cry, but you had to be the stronger person and calm them down without choking up yourself, and remind them that they're lucky that they are still here on earth. Of course timing is always the worst, whether this traumatic incident happens right before a big trip, a week before an 18th birthday, or even a month before the big move in day to college, but now time stops and everything is focused on praying that you live.

Time after time, and visit after visit, of hospital visits and finally the day comes where they are able to go home, but it doesn't stop there. This is only the beginning of doctors visits to the neurologist, the cardiologist, the physical therapist, and so many more doctors. Going out to dinner will never be the same, because they physically cannot handle the loud noises of kids screaming and crying, people's chatter and conversation, and the live band that is playing for most people's enjoyment. Everything that seems to be a simple aspect of life like balancing on one foot is hard for them.

Second chances are nothing to take for granted. Everyone wants them, but few are lucky to receive them. Troubling times test your faith in many things; God, forgiveness, hope, prayer. You look to God to heal your parent, to heal the sickness that has invaded them, to heal the wound that persists after the tragedy, and to heal you as now the fear of loosing them will always linger in your mind. You wish forgiveness for all the moments you took for granted with them, for every time you yelled, got annoyed, or pushed them away. You fill yourself with hope that because they are a parent, because they are your parent, they will fight with whatever strength they have left to return to you. Lastly, you pray that God hears your plea and will grant the very wish you want, a second chance for them, for you, for the memories you have left to make, and the love you still have left to show them.

So here's to all you boys and girls, adults and children, men and women, who have witnessed a second chance at life for your parent. I salute you for the trials that you have faced, I commend you for staying strong for the one you love, and, lastly, I celebrate you for the blessing you have to still call "mom" and "dad" one more day.

And to my very own blessing, I love you and I'll see you tonight for dinner?


A girl who almost lost her dad due to a stroke, and a girl who almost lost her mom due to a kidney infection.

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