An Open Letter To My Childhood Best Friend

An Open Letter To My Childhood Best Friend

Thanks for being the 'Lucy to my Ethel'


Dear Best Friend,

Our friendship goes back to before we can remember it. We grew up as neighbors, best friends and honorary sisters.

You have always been the Lucy to my Ethel, leading all of our childhood adventures and mishaps. Okay not all of them but most of them. It was your fault that we got caught stealing the fudge pops out of freezer,but my fault that the barbie car died when we tried to go around the block. We also got lost in Boscovs because we hid in the racks of clothing and then we couldn't find your mom.

Your brother was the one who convinced us we could grow a money tree and gave us the quarters to plant. I still find it unfortunate that the money tree never grew,if it had we might be rich.

Among our mishaps we had some great adventures,my favorite memories are all of the trips to Adirondacks. I still remember when you fell in the 'Ausable river' and we ended up with the horseradish american cheese from the 'Red and White' instead of regular American Cheese. To this day my parents swear you fell in the river on purpose and knowing you i'm pretty sure they are right. The only way I can count the number of years we went is by counting the Geods i'm missing half of. We made out with some pretty cool Geods and even though i don't remember which ones go with which year they still bring back all of the memories from all of those trips.

Not only have we had some great memories but you also saved me from an allergic reaction when we were kids. If you hadn't noticed the juicy Juice and drank it for me I probably would have drank it myself. I have never forgotten that you saved me that night at girl scouts. That was the first time you saved me the second time was on a school trip to Washington DC. If it hadn't been for you swooping in and being the best friend you always have been i would have been miserable and money-less the last day and half of the trip, Thank you for being you and being selfless I appreciate it more than you will ever know.

Who could forget the time I locked your keys in the running car at 9:30 at night after ski club and your dad had to come rescue us. I will never forget the look of horror on your face when I told you what happened and you will probably never forget the look of horror on my face when we realized who was coming. I love your dad trust me I do but I was definitely not looking forward to seeing him that night. Turns out I don't think he was angry with me even though he did have to leave a meeting early to come to our rescue.

The day before leaving for college is a day i will never forget. After 18 years of seeing each other nearly everyday we were both going to school 6 hours away from each other. Aside from my family that was hardest goodbye. However we managed to make it through 4 years of college and have stayed close with you now even farther away.

There are so many more memories like trips to Darien Lake,our vacation to Sea Side Heights,many sleep overs,ski/snowboarding at Greek Peak,Lunch at Tonys, Brozettis Pizza and sitting by the pool. I could go on forever which is fitting since i have always talked a lot.

I miss you so much now that you are so far away but i am so glad that we have stayed in touch.Even being so far away you have found a way to be there wether it's a text,phone call or a surprise visit. It was so good to see you the last time you came home and it was very much needed. I love you "my sister from another mister". Maybe someday I will have the guts to leave Binghamton and spread my wings like you have. Thanks again for being "the Lucy to my Ethel."



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