If I Ever Come Back To Hollins As A Ghost
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If I Ever Come Back To Hollins As A Ghost

I am going to haunt the Pleasants building until they fix the blinds.

If I Ever Come Back To Hollins As A Ghost
Hollins/Katherine Nelson

At Hollins University, ranked in the top 50 most haunted universities in America, we're no strangers to spooky happenings. From Harper the friendly, clutter-hating NEFA spirit to the mysterious Presser ghoul, who can be heard in the third-floor practice rooms practicing her scales on piano, our small campus is filled with history and mystery.

I bet I'm going to come back as a ghost and haunt Pleasants until they fix. those. blinds.

Dana, the science and math building, gets a fair amount of funding, revisions and repairs--no one wants underfunded laboratories that make for dangerous working conditions. Yet, I'd like a little more love for the social sciences building. All I want are some nice, new, working blinds.

So I'd be a friendly ghost. I'd try to move around a lot during April or May, so when it gets to hot in the classrooms, my ghostly presence would act as an air conditioner providing a nice breeze.

People would leave me smoothies and mozzarella sticks in a corner of the study lounge before finals, hoping for some spiritual, otherworldly good luck on their exams. I hope the HUB's food tastes just as good for a ghost.

Let's be honest, I'd probably accidentally scare people more than purposely scare them. I'd be strolling around a corner late one night, and an unsuspecting studier would look up from their notes, see me, and take off like a bullet. When that happens I would try to return their study materials by the next morning with a note: "Sorry for giving you a fright--keep up the good work! Sincerely, Katherine the Pleasants Ghost"

So if I ever die and come back as a ghost, I'd definitely come back to Hollins and haunt Pleasants. But just until they get new blinds. Then I'd leave one last ghostly thank-you note on the white board and find peace.

"Sincerely, Katherine the Pleasants Ghost"

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