I've taken about 5 online courses here at FSU, so I'm basically a pro at this now. However, I went into these classes thinking they'd be incredibly easy and basically no work. BOY WAS I WRONG. It's so important to know what you're getting into. Read below to find out the 7 things I wish I knew before taking these online course here at FSU.

1. They cost extra!

Here at FSU you have to pay an extra "technology fee" for any online class that is about $200. This can easily eat up your financial aid, so if you can just take it in person!

2. The work isn't always hard, but there is typically some sort of weekly assignment. 

The weekly assignment could be a discussion board or a quiz on the readings, but there is typically something to make up that missed class time.

3. They take up SO MUCH time.

Think about it. With a normal class, you spend about 3 hours sitting in class and about 3 hours or so doing the readings before class. You are expected to dedicate the same amount of time to your online classes. So, there will be a lot of reading and/or lecture videos you'll have to watch.

4. You need headphones. 

Professors record their lectures and then you have to watch them online.

Oh and you seriously have to watch these lectures because it's pretty much the only info you'll get from the professors.

5. Get ready to read ALL of your announcements. 

This is pretty much the only way the professor can contact you. You absolutely have to stay on top of your emails and your announcements. Professors release information such as assignment due dates, weekly calendars, extra credit opportunities, etc.

6. You might not always have definitive guidelines, 

A lot of classes have deadlines throughout the semester, like in person class. HOWEVER, a lot of online courses just have all of the assignments or a huge, main assignment due at the end of the semester. You need to make sure you set deadlines for yourself and are really staying on top of everything. These deadlines approach QUICKLY.

7. Overall, they're easier than most other courses 

If you're looking for a GPA booster, an online class is typically a good move!