You can be anyone or anything you want.


When you log online, you can change your personality, change your attitude, change everything about you, and be anything or anyone that you want.

You can pretend to be a billionaire. You can pretend to be someone that lives in a home that's worth 20 million dollars. You can pretend to be the most famous person in the world. You can tell everyone that wants to listen that you've met every popular rock singer, pop singer, and musician that the world has ever known. You can even tell people you've met the President and slept with Elvis in another life.

When you log online, you can change everything about you. And unless you meet people that you talk to on social media, unless people know you personally face to face and know about the truth and lies of your life, they might even believe you. It makes it easier to log online and change everything about you. It takes nothing more than about 30 seconds to become a brand new person. Online, you can be anything or anyone that you want. You can be anything but yourself if that's what you choose.

The internet has made it easier for people to change who they are. They can lie about their occupation. They can lie about who they are. They can lie about what they do in their private time. They can lie about how much money they have. And if you watch the "catch a predator" shows, they can lie about their age, lie about who they are, and even lie about their gender.

The internet can make amazing things happen, even if they aren't legal, moral, or ethical. It doesn't matter. Because once you log online, you can be anything or anyone that you want to. You can even get on the internet and be something amazing. Yourself.

People use the internet to meet people for good and bad purposes. People use the internet to commit crimes. People use the internet to find things that the law doesn't allow them to find. People use the internet to watch things that are illegal, immoral, inhumane and just downright wrong. But yes, people at times use the internet for the right reasons. With privacy, software, computers, and the ability (if you know what you're doing), the internet can let you be anything or anyone you want.

You can even be yourself.

If you watch the news, read the papers, listen to the media, read magazines, or know anything about society these days, you'll see that the internet can change you from a 50-year-old guy to a 20-year-old girl. The internet can change you from a 16-year-old kid to a 40-year-old employed guy driving a BMW and living in a $200,000 house. The internet can change you from an unemployed loser to someone that has fame and fortune, is a songwriter, a musician, an electrician, a politician, or someone or something famous. The internet can make you anything or anyone that you want.

People don't seem to realize how easy it is to change who you are. That is unless you read the news, watch the media, or you get on the internet and see all of the unholy things that are happening in society.

Catfishing has become a big thing. Internet fraud has become a big thing. Identity theft has become a big thing. Emails can steal your personality, identity, and all of your information. The internet can steal all of your money. And the internet can change you into a brand new person.

You can go from someone that's 5-foot-3 and 300 pounds to someone that's hot, skinny, sexy-looking and attractive to anyone that walks by you. You can download pictures that aren't yours. You can change where you work. You can give yourself a job. You can give yourself muscles. You can give yourself a 6-pack. Hell, you can give yourself a 12-pack. You can make yourself a cute, young college student or an older, mature, employed individual that can buy anyone anything in the world.

All thanks to the internet.

People need to use safety, security, intelligence, and be wise when they log online. You have no idea who or what you are talking to. Someone can send you a picture. And you have no idea if it's even them. Someone can send you a phone number. All you know is you call someone who you think you're talking to, and the internet can route that call to any of 200 different countries where you're giving away your deepest darkest secrets to a stranger that you will never meet.

The person on the other end of the phone, the other end of the chat room, the other end of the email, or the other end of somewhere in the technology cloud- let you or that person be anything or anyone they want.

Think before you trust. Look before you talk. Research before you open up to someone you've never met, don't know, and haven't a clue about who they really are or what you're really talking to.

The internet can make you anything or anyone you want.. just imagine if people did an amazing thing with the internet.

They stayed themselves.

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Be Mindful Of Your  Wellbeing During Finals Week

Don't let excessive worrying end you.


I don't know what it is but it always strikes my mind and body during exam week. It is a sensation many would confuse with anxiety, yet after personally experiencing symptoms of restlessness unlike ever before, I started investigating the root of the problem deeper. It was mid-April, and I had just woken up after a fun, night-out with my friends. I woke up with extreme fatigue and with the worry that I had lost some personal items I took to the concert we went to the night before. At first, I thought my fatigue was due to all the dancing at the concert yet as I rested more throughout the day and didn't feel any better, I started overthinking.

There is nothing I hate the most than not being in control of my emotions. I knew something was wrong inside of me, but I didn't know what it was or how to describe it. I just didn't feel myself. The end of the day arrived and I was supposed to drive forty minutes all the way back home since I was at my Aunt's house for that weekend. To my surprise, I wasn't able to drive due to feeling drowsy and out of myself. I started feeling agitated, sweaty and had an extreme difficulty of concentrating. "What could it be?" "Did someone put something in my drink at the concert?" "Am I going insane?" These were a glimpse of some of the distorted thoughts going through my mind at the moment.

A week passed and I still had a low profile, and even though I was trying to rest my thoughts out and shake it off, a part of me was still having trouble being myself. Then it clicked. It was stress that I had kept all to myself. I had so many assignments that I was stressing about that they were ending me with the thought of them. What was crazy to me was the fact that this is the third consecutive year these panic attacks occur to me, at the same exact period as they usually summon annually, during finals week. It is usually an event that triggers paranoia within me which causes me to have nausea, disruptive thoughts and trouble sleeping.

The difference that scared me this time was the extreme physical symptoms I experienced for the first time, which were tense muscles specifically in the neck area, which forced me to buy medication due to the pain I was experiencing. Along with neck pain, I had difficulty concentrating and was feeling out of myself, accompanied by excessive worrying.

What I want you to take away from this is to take it easy, breathe in and breathe out and be mindful that life is so short that if something happens to us tomorrow, the problems we place upon us are completely irrelevant. Don't obsess over problems or ideas that aren't even real. Be responsible, study hard and try your best but don't sacrifice your health for perfect grades. Trust yourself to the best of your abilities and have faith that everything will turn out great. Nothing good comes from worrying and instead of doing that 24/7, enjoy the life that is passing right in front of you. Relax and keep a positive mindset while living one day at a time.

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10 Organ and Blood Donation Myths Debunked

Save a life and donate!


Now that summer is almost in full swing, this means the need for blood and organ donations are at an all-time high. In the summer, people do many more reckless things and wind up in the hospital/emergency room. Blood banks are starting to become low on supply, and millions of people are on the waiting list for organ donations. Here are some common myths about organ and blood donations that I will debunk.

1. "My religion doesn't allow donations"

Many religions including Catholicism, Islam, Judaism, Presbyterian and the Lutheran Church all support donation of any kind and they consider it a selfless and loving act.

2. "They won't try and save my life if they see I am a donor"

No way do professional doctors and nurses actually do this. Every person within the medical field tries their absolute hardest to save each and every life, even donors'.

3. "I have a medical condition"

The donation and transplant teams decide whether or not you will be able to donate- regardless of your medical history/illness. Anyone can sign up to be a donor.

4. "My family/I will have to pay for it"

There is absolutely no cost to the individual or family to donate organs or blood. If your bone marrow is needed, all travel expenses are reimbursed.

5. "People in the LGBT community can't donate"

There is not a federal law excluding a member of the LGBT community to donate blood. The health of the organs is what matters during donation, so certain processes may apply depending on a person's sexual history.

6. "They take them while I am living"

Unless you voluntarily sign up to be a blood donor or bone marrow donor, they do not take your necessary organs while you are living.

7. "I have to be related to the person that receives my donation"

Although common ancestry is used initially when looking for donors, most people only share a common ethnicity to their donor. These ethnics groups are very needed: Black or African American, American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian, Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, Hispanic or Latino, or Multiracial. It helps to have the same ethnic group to increase the diversity within the donation pool.

8. "I have a common blood type"

Even common blood types like O-positive and A-positive need donors too.

9. "I have tattoos/piercings"

Most of the time, people just getting piercings or tattoos need to wait just a month before they donate blood. This is just to ensure that there is no infection from the needles used. Also, new needles are used for each person during donations, so there is no need to worry about getting a disease from donation.

10. "I'm a vegan/vegetarian and I don't have enough iron"

As long as you eat plant-based foods high in Vitamin C and iron before donation, you should be fine! Vitamin C helps with iron absorption and iron helps regenerate the red blood cells that are taken during a donation. The person in charge of taking your blood will walk through your health and decide if you will be healthy enough to donate blood.

Donation is super important to me because my grandpa was diagnosed with Leukemia 2 years ago and needed a donation. Even with a simple donation of blood, you can save many lives. Blood only lives for 42 days, which means that there is a need for regular donors. The bone marrow registry is a voluntary registry that needs a few cheek swabs in order to match a donor with a recipient. Organ donations only occur if you are a donor on your licence and once you are pronounced dead, unless you voluntarily decided that you want to be matched for a kidney or liver transplant.

Donation of any kind is a very selfless way to use your health to benefit others. If you still feel nervous or uneducated on donation of any kind, do your research to decide if this is something that you want to participate in. Here are some links on websites for blood, organ and bone marrow donation:

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