Humanity has a lot of terrible things that shouldn't be around. Besides terrorism, racism is one of the most disgusting things ever to be put on the face of this earth. The fact is that God have made us all equal. Not equal biologically. Not equal thoughts. Equal in the fact that we are all viewed fundamentally in his eyes with free will, the pursuit of happiness, and a right to liberty. We come from one race, the human race. When you hate someone just on the basis that they are a bit darker or lighter then you, it is like hating your brother.

God does not bring hate. He who hates their brother does not know God. Racism is self indoctrinated hate. People who believe that they are superior to another human being just because of how they look is despicable and shallow on its own. I as a Middle Eastern, Coptic Orthodox Christian, stand in solidarity to the fact that we all are born equal as brothers and sisters. We must learn to love. Love drives out hate.