A Year In Review: Writing For Odyssey
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Student Life

A Year In Review: Writing For Odyssey

It's been a year since I started writing, and it's been a wild ride

A Year In Review: Writing For Odyssey
Christina Billie

On February 18, 2019, my first Odyssey article was published onto this amazing website. Being able to write for Odyssey has been a real blessing, and I'm so happy that I was given this opportunity. This organization not only allowed me to express my passion for writing, but it also allowed me to get better at it and meet some amazing people along the way.

I've always enjoyed blog-type writing; I would get so excited when one of my professors ask us to do that for a class. When I saw that one of my friends was writing weekly articles, I knew that I wanted to do that too, so I joined.

Ever since then, I've been writing weekly articles. They're literally about everything and anything: lifestyle, school, city life, literally anything you could possibly imagine.

Suddenly, I got to a very low point in my life toward the end of the spring semester of my freshman year; I let the view count get to me, and I didn't want to write anymore. I let the amount of views determine my worth as a person and as a writer. I started to despise what I loved doing most because I felt that no one else cared about what I was doing with my life.

I overcame this though, and here I am today. I still wrote a lot of articles, and I even started to write a lot so I didn't have to have writers block that often. I used a lot of my best-written articles as pieces for my writing portfolio (I'm a public relations major, so there's a lot of blog writing, and it's good to have in your portfolio!!!).

Because of my writing for Odyssey, I was able to get an executive board position with Temple PRSSA (another student organization that I love with my whole heart) as their Digital Publications Editor. Being able to grow with my writing has helped me beyond what I could've imagined.

As I've been writing, more and more of my articles have gone viral, and while it doesn't matter if it goes viral or not, it makes me feel so proud of myself that I wrote such relatable content that other people can tag their friends in it and say things like "This is so you" or "I relate to this so much." It really is a confidence booster.

I've now been writing for Temple Odyssey for one full year. That feels so crazy to me; time really does fly! It's been a year since I stepped out of my comfort zone to pursue one of my passions in life. It's been a year, and this is only the beginning.

If you would like to read my first Odyssey article, click here.

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