One Tree Hill premiered in 2003 as a television show following the lives of teenagers in a North Carolina coastal town. But it became so much more. Over the years the beloved characters grew, overcoming new obstacles and taking us along the way. The series came to an end in 2012, leaving us with many relatable lines and monologues to follow us through life. Here are five of the very many quotes that still ring true today.

1) “Learn to let go of the past. And recognize that every day won’t be sunny, and when you find yourself lost in the darkness and despair, remember it’s only in the black of night you see the stars. And those stars will lead you back home. So don’t be afraid to make mistakes, to stumble and fall, cause most of the time, the greatest rewards come from doing the things that scare you the most. Maybe you’ll get everything you wish for. Maybe you’ll get more than you ever could have imagined. Who knows where life will take you. The road is long and in the end, the journey is the destination."

2) "Because it's only when you're tested that you truly discover who you are. And it's only when you're tested that you discover who you can be. The person that you want to be does exist, somewhere on the other side of hard work and faith, and belief and beyond the heartache and fear of what life has."

3) "Every song ends, but is that any reason not to enjoy the music?"

4) "There’s no shame in being afraid. Hell, we’re all afraid. What you gotta do is figure out what you’re afraid of because when you put a face on it, you can beat it. Better yet, you can use it."

5) "It's the oldest story in the world. One day, you're seventeen and planning for someday, and the quietly, without you even really noticing, someday is today, and then someday is yesterday, and this is your life."