Every time I go home I have the goal of organizing or using up the things that get left behind when I go back to school. Due to time constraints and the fact that the help I get isn't always the most helpful when it comes to clearing things out I have set the goal of filling a 13-gallon trash bag every trip.

This winter break I met my goal rather easily due to having a full three weeks to do it. I also used up one bag of yarn making hats and a blanket. The next time I go home I need to focus on getting rid of the stacks of paper I have. Seeing as at one point in time I had everything from fourth grade and up, I have made some great progress. That being said, I could do a lot better.

My spring break challenge for myself is going to be filling up two 13 gallon trash bags in one week. I expect them to be filled mostly with paper (which will end up getting recycled) or clothes (to be donated). I'm probably going to dedicate a bag for each just to keep organized. A box will have to be set aside for books and heavier objects but otherwise, I will be all set to start decluttering as fast an furiously as possible!

For organization inspiration, I often look to my favorite Youtubers.

I Got My Makeup Collection Professionally Organized www.youtube.com

I will still be using up as many art supplies as possible, however, my main focus while being home is going to be downsizing my stuff collection as much as possible. The perks of having less stuff include:

1. Having more room in my room.

2. Having less stuff to move when I move.

3. Being able to be more organized due to lack of things to organize.

The challenge to get rid of stuff does not stop when I go back to school. Instead, I will focus on smaller goals such as using up all of the yarn I brought with me at the beginning of the semester.