With all of this rage about the Jonas Brothers getting back together, there has been a lot of stuff on social media about the fact that they got back together before One Direction came back from their "break".

Personally, I don't think people should get their hopes up. I feel like each member of 1D has moved on with their lives, some are dads, others are killing it in their solo careers. I feel like if they did end up back together, it just wouldn't be the same. And I know people thought that about them when Zayn left the group, but this would be even more different.

They have all grown so much in their own ways that I don't even know if it would do them any good to get back together.

If anything, maybe they will do a reunion tour of some sort, but I don't know if they will ever go back to being a group and making new music together again. Especially because they have each discovered their own sound in their solo careers, so I feel like they wouldn't want to go back to that style that isn't exactly like the one they have now.

I know the same thing could be said about the Jonas Brothers, but whereas the Jonas Brothers are brothers who chose to make a band together, One Direction was put together not really by their own choice.

Sure, them staying together may have been their choice, but I think the different circumstances affect their chances of getting back together.

Basically, I wouldn't want them to get back together simply because the fans demand it. If they chose to get back together, I would want it to be because they want to be in that group again and make music with them. I don't want them to be unhappy just so the fans can be satisfied.

That being said, if they ever did get back together, I would still listen to them and obviously freak out, but I don't know if I will ever see that group the same after the split and their different styles and voices of their own music. Now that we know who they are and their sound outside of 1D, I don't know how that would affect their new music if they decided to make any.

So basically, I won't be upset if they choose to never get back together. I can still look back at the concerts I went to and that whole phase of my life where they were the center of my attention, and then later on when my love for them was reignited even after Zayn left. I'm still grateful for my cringey fangirl moments.

I am very grateful for One Direction and everything I've learned from being a part of their fandom for years. I was introduced to an entirely new genre and line of music through their opening act, and I learned how impactful and unifying it is to be a part of a huge fandom, no matter how crazy.

While part of me can't wait for the day when I open Twitter and see the headlines that 1D is back together, I'm not getting my hopes too high. I'm proud of the boys for realizing what they want and going after it and finding their own voices in the process. And as long as they're happy in their lives, the Directioner in me is happy and content with those years that they were a band and all of the memories I have from them.