I think back to all the times I have heard that saying and I laugh a little. You never think the day will come when everything just clicks. You hear the saying and you think about a future time that is nonexistent.

But, when you have this "AhHa!" moment and you feel like your mind and body clicked all at once, you will know what I am talking about.

In life, we have to go through experiences to learn. We have to make mistakes to learn. We have to fall down and bounce back up. But, time is a huge factor.

Sometimes it may take years. Sometimes it may take months. Sometimes it may take days. There is no guarantee.

You may be in an unhealthy relationship. You may be employed at a job you dislike. You may be stuck on what degree to pursue. It could be anything. But when you are stumbled upon these stagnant moments, one day it just clicks.

Personally, I was struggling with separating being kind to others and losing myself by doing so. I needed to find balance. I needed to find peace within my own life. I needed me time.

As life was spiraling all around me, I laid on my bed in silence for 5 minutes. I decided I needed a second to breathe.

Those thoughts, feelings, and worries scurried around my mind like a marble in a shoe box. Bouncing all around. I could not take on any more problems. I could not help others more than myself to the point where it is hurting me. I needed to find balance.

Fast forwarding days ahead, I traveled home for a quick trip. I had 4 solid hours to let this all sit in my mind. I needed to make a change.

Time went by and then I had that "One Day It Will Just Click" moment. Someone asked me for a favor, and I replied saying I was not available at the time. I was putting me first. I needed to do that for once, without a queasy feeling.

I needed to understand that I can be a good, kind person, but I do not need to lose myself in the process.

Some may be sitting there wondering why it was such a big moment for me. But what they don't realize is how badly it affected me. Everyone is different. Everyone goes through different things. But one day, it just clicks.