Once You Date a Good Guy, You Never Go Back

When I was younger I always wondered who "Mr. Right" would be for me. After the failed puppy-love relationships I had over the years, I lost the confidence of finding someone. I was always called names by boys for wanting to talk more, always told that I was "crazy", and watching all the guys go after my friends made me think I was intimidating. I thought because I didn't show off my body enough like others did, no one would date me. I realize now that life isn't all about being in a relationship, unlike high-school me who did believe that. Watching all your friends get partners while you're stuck in single-life made me feel really bad about myself. I thought I was a loner and that I would stay that way. I had come to accept this belief, but then I met my "Mr. Right", the one extremely nice person I've ever made that has become my partner, and my entire view changed.

Once you get a taste of what love is (and love is different for everyone, but once you get it, you know), you never want to go back. You don't want flings anymore, or just the rush of dating. You want to settle down with someone. You want to come home, see their face, and watch Netflix or play video games. Getting a good partner in your life is a great feeling. Having someone to root for you while you deal with hardships as well as having them hold your hand through these times is extremely comforting. I never got that in the flings I went through. If I even tried to explain what was going on in my life to one of the flings, they'd shrug and say, "Well, that sucks", and move on. With a partner next to you, they have your back. You want to help them better themself and also yourself. Together, you can conquer the world.

My Mr. Right helped me believe that I am beautiful inside and out. He helped me realize that I am a person who deserves to be loved by the best, and in my eyes, he is the best; he's the best for me. I still get butterflies; heck, I still get nervous around him. But they're not the kind that you get when you first meet them. It's the loving kind, if that makes any sense. You want someone who still give you those feelings after four years. My guy does that for me. I wouldn't go back to the flings that I went through, but I believe that all of the dating I did do brought me to him, and things couldn't be better. Through all the boys I've met, I found a man, and I hope I bring him as much joy to his life as he does to mine.

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