On My Freshman Year
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On My Freshman Year

I can't believe it's over.

On My Freshman Year
The Standard

Y'all! We're done with our freshman year of college. Well most of us are. Some of us still have finals until Wednesday, including myself. But still! We made it! We might have had our doubts, but we made it to May. Hallelujah!

I remember my first day. I walked into Calc 2 at 7:45 a.m., because I am a stickler for being early. We reviewed things from Calc 1, and I was relieved to find out how much I actually remembered! That relief was short lived. As the semester wore on, that was my most difficult class by far. But my first day gave me hope!

My second class was Story of Jesus. I found out that someone else in my class played Ace Attorney! We never really got to know each other, but that was an exciting first day of class.

The rest kind of turns into a blur after that. My film teacher didn't know I was a film major for a while. That was awkward, but he knows now. I almost switched from computer engineering to computer science. So far, though, I'm glad I stuck with engineering.

And let's not forget band! Somehow, in the chaos of an 18 hour credit load, I managed to be part of the Spirit of Gold. It was an exceptionally rough year, what with our director and color guard instructor quitting soon after the start of the season, but I'm so glad I stuck through it. It was a great experience, and the scholarship I earned from it helped me pay for a new phone when mine fell in the wash.

I also got my first internship! Since my schedule was incredibly busy, I could only intern for 2 days. But it was still two of the most informative days I've had. Seeing film-making in action made what I was learning in school all the more tangible.

Second semester I did something incredibly questionable - signed up for 20 hours. That was taxing, but I survived! I started going more in depth with both of my majors and I'm still no closer to picking just one. I love them both! I really might keep them both till the end. I also got to visit Sundance, where I met an engineer filmmaker, like I strive to be! He majored in electrical engineering and is integrating those skills into his film career to explore virtual reality.

I don't get a break this summer. Next week I'm studying abroad in Germany for May, and then I have summer school when I get back. This is my first time ever taking summer school and I'm a little nervous. But it'll be fine. I'll be all the closer to finishing my degree!

This year has been full of ups and downs, and it changed me dramatically. Some for the better, and some for the worse. I can't wait for next year!

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