On Distance
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On Distance

They say it makes the heart grow fonder or some shit.

On Distance
Allie Beinhacker

10 years together just wasn’t enough. Not for all the movies we still have to watch together, for all the sushi we still have to eat together, for all the alcohol we still have to drink together, and for all the embarrassing memories we still have to make together. I wish I realized earlier on that our time together would eventually be condensed to surprise visits, game weekends, and holiday breaks because if I did I would have made sure to get into more near death experiences with you driving, spend even more money on food, and squeeze you even harder every time I saw you.

As we are now somehow managing to live over 300 miles apart I resent myself for taking the five minute drive for granted. As I know I will continue to meet amazing people, no one will ever be you. No one can replace the times we’ve spent together on family vacations, the tears we’ve shared together for too many reasons, and the decade of history that makes our friendship irreplaceable. No one will ever be the cocky yet down to earth, hot mess yet somehow composed, and not giving a shit about anything yet most compassionate best friend that I endeavor to be more like every day.

So for all the times it’s went unsaid, thank you!!!!!! Thank you for being my cooler, trendier, prettier, smarter, more fun, pretty much just overall better half and for always making sure I keep up. Thank you for being by my side when I needed you and for continually doing so, even if it is only via facetime. Miss you every day and am hopelessly waiting for you to transfer here so we can be attached at the hip again. You’ll forever keep me sane and be the sister I never had and no distance will ever change that.

The uncharacteristic mushiness of this proves that distance truly makes the heart grow fonder, so to save us all from the atypical emotional binge I'm experiencing please come back to me and never leave my side again.

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