13 Shows That Will Make You Want The Old Disney Channel Back
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13 Shows That Prove The Old Disney Channel Is Far Superior Than TV Today

How about a walk down memory lane?

13 Shows That Prove The Old Disney Channel Is Far Superior Than TV Today

It's no secret that the old Disney Channel shows are significantly better than the new ones. Maybe I am biased, but I could watch the old Disney Channel for the rest of my life. Maybe I don't like the new ones because I am so in love with the ones I watched as a child. There will always be a special spot in my heart for my childhood Disney T.V. shows. I mean let's be real if you didn't pretend to be on your favorite Disney show and say "Hi, my name is ___ and you're watching Disney Channel" then are you really a true Disney fan.

1. "That's So Raven"

That's So Raven

If you never thought for a split second that you could see the future like Raven, then did you really like "That's So Raven?"

2. "Lizzie McGuire"

Lizzie Mcguire

Maybe I am biased because my name is Lizzey, but this show was so relatable as an awkward little girl.

3. "Cory In The House"

Cory In The House

I feel like every kid dreams to live in the White House.

4. "Jonas"


Thank goodness the band is back together.

5. "Hannah Montana"

Hannah Montana

Anyone else guilty of still blasting "Hannah Montana" in the car?

6. "The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody"

Suite Life Of Zach And Cody

This show made staying at a hotel so much more appealing as a kid.

7. "The Suite Life On Deck"

The Suite Life On Deck

I mean it only got better when they went on a cruise ship.

8. "Wizards Of Waverly Place"

So who else pretended their fingers could activate a spell like the Russo kids?

9. "Kim Possible"

Kim Possible

Call me, beep me, if you want to reach me!

10. "Sonny With A Chance"

Sonny With A Chance

Did anyone else always dream of the Jonas Brothers being featured on this show or was that just me?

11. "Good Luck Charlie"

Good Luck Charlie

I wish my older brother was creative enough to make me a video diary when I was Charlie's age.

12. "Life With Derek"

Life With Derek

If you don't remember this show we can't be friends.

13. "Jessie"


Who else wished they were a part of the Ross family every time they watched "Jessie?"

Reminiscing and contemplating whether to buy a season or two of your favorite Disney show yet? There is no doubt about it that these 13 shows shaped my childhood TV watching. I remember loving commercials because they would always announce what time new episodes were of different shows. Whether I am eight years old or 18 years old, there is nothing better than snuggling on the couch and watching one of these old time shows.

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