It's Okay To Be Alone
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It's OK To Want To Be Alone

There's nothing strange about wanting to be alone in this busy world.

It's OK To Want To Be Alone

What a busy world it is, with so many hours in the day, yet never enough time. There is always talk about having your "me" time in the day where you left alone to do things you find interesting or doing some self-medicating. When I am talking about being alone I'm not talking about not having your friends around you or just laying in your room listening to your jams. I'm talking about being completely utterly alone. Turning off the phone, going for a walk without thinking about where you are going, letting your mind function without the pollution of everyday stress or technology. A type of alone where it's just you with you.

I know there are many types of stigmas about just the idea of being alone. Many of them revolve around the idea of mental health. Being alone with mental health issues can be seen as a hard deck of cards to judge. For some being alone could be dangerous, while for others it allows them to think things through. There's a difference between preferring to be alone to unwanted loneliness. Yet, many people I know who have asked me if I am okay or do you want to talk about what you are thinking about because of me being distant or I am not seeking out their attention. Don't get me wrong, I really appreciate the caring nature of them. However, I have gotten to the point with my depression that I understand which thoughts are real and which are the anxiety/depression monster in my head making up lies. I know in the very beginning of discovering my depression I didn't want to be alone. I wanted my old friends to ask me if I was okay. Yet, since I was greeted with loneliness in the very beginning, I've gotten used to it being around. Therefore, I prefer being alone rather than partying.

I know the last paragraph was slightly dark. (Sorry 😕). However, being alone could lead to self-discovery. It can open up your eyes to things around you and things inside of you. Being out in nature where there isn't noise pollution around, where you can hear nature, your footsteps, and your thoughts clearly. Before you ask, no. Being on your phone does not count as being alone. Technology has definitely drawn away people from understanding who they are. We are too focused on why Kylie Jenner's photo got fewer likes than an egg. We should first find acceptance within ourselves before trying to gain acceptance from others. I'm not saying nature walks are for everyone. People find their own peace in certain ways.

Taking alone time has taught me how to breathe again. How to let my mind relax. I won't lie being alone doesn't work all the time. We have self-conscious thoughts no matter what. It's just who we are. Yet, there is a certain bliss having a moment to myself. Forget about college, forget about work troubles, forget about personal issues, and feel the world get lifted off your shoulders. Remembering who you are.

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