It's OK To Be Unsure Of The Future

With graduation looming in 7 months, I found myself feeling melancholy at times. The waves of sadness but at the same time, excitement that I'm nearing the end of my undergraduate career. After that, now what?

And I've realized this recently, that it is okay to be unsure of our future, no matter where we're at in our lives. No one said that we have to have this thing figured out right away. I certainly don't.

My undergraduate years are always going to be a part of my adulthood memories. It's a time I realize my own mistakes and accomplishments. But most importantly, it is how I take every experience and learn to embrace my own talents and uniqueness that I offer to this world.

Yet, I am still unsure. Life moves fast. My siblings are growing up. My parents are getting older. I'm learning new skills. I've failed and got back up again. I've had people ask me what I'm doing with my English major and theology minor.

Here's the answer: I know what I want to do, not what everyone thinks I will do: go into the teaching field. That's the most common assumption I've heard so far and to be honest, I'm getting tired of answering these questions.

I grew up with strict Asian parents who believed that science and engineering majors make more money than the humanities majors. Where are the writers, musicians, psychology, sociology, and art people when we need another perspective on careers and life?

I think the key to overcoming this feeling of being unsure of the future takes time and eventually we will come to the know what our goals for the future are. Every one of us has different goals and it is definitely okay to be unsure. We're human and until we allow ourselves to find a deeper meaning of our lives, we will be stuck in this mentality of rush-rush world.

Take your time but enjoy life and make sure you live knowing what we want. Make the best of the experiences you are given.

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