As a part of the LGBT+ community, there is always so much to know and learn. I feel as though I am meant to use my voice to not only bring awareness to this community, but to let others in this community know that they are welcome, loved, and will be okay. Whether you identify with a specific sexuality or not, that is totally okay, and you may never want to identify with any one group, and that's okay too!

I came out to the world when I was 14 years old. Young right? Throughout middle school, I questioned who I was, and never exactly felt right when it came to liking guys; I knew something was "different" about me. I remember my best friends always getting together and frequently talking about cute boys, and me, I'd look the opposite way or feel so uninterested because I couldn't, for some reason, relate. Long story short, during my middle school years I came out as bisexual, and I used this to get myself prepared to eventually come out as a lesbian, through and through.

The bottom line is, it is okay to be gay, bisexual, lesbian, pan-sexual, asexual, or any others not even listed here. If you are comfortable with putting a name to what you are, then embrace it! Truthfully though, even if you are not comfortable with a label or a name on how you feel, then embrace that, too. I truly believe in those that love anyone, despite gender, and its a beautiful thing to know that, in this world, we have an abundance of different people who love different things and express their own individual love in different ways.

My love and pride goes out to those that have come out to their friends, family and the world; it is not always easy, and for those that haven't come out or don't choose to come out, just know there is always a place for you in this world and you will succeed. I feel so lucky to be a part of a community with such open minds and hearts, and with those great qualities being offered, there is so much love and courage to go around.

Everyone in life has to start somewhere, whether it be a new entry level job, beginning college, or even not knowing your own sexuality yet, but you will get there and there is ALWAYS going to be time.

Just know you are accepted, loved, and applaud for courage you have!