What is an acceptable age to congratulate your friends on becoming pregnant?!

Well, in this day and age it's hard to say when you should and shouldn't congratulate them, because kids now a days just keep having babies at the age of 16 and expect everyone to be so excited for them. I mean don't get me wrong i am not shaming teen moms by any means because a couple of my friends are teen moms and are succeeding in life for being young moms!

I am just going to say that, i don't honestly think there is a number on when to congratulate someone on becoming a mom! Honestly because women are ready to be moms at all different ages! A women who is 20 years old or older might struggle to be a mom but that young 16 year old mom you are all judging is doing great, being a mom!

You see there really is not a "right" age to become a mom, but in today's society there is a stigma put on young girls who become mothers at a young age. With this stigma many people in the older generation (i.e. Generation X and the baby boomers ) feel conflicted to congratulate someone on a pregnancy if they are not doing things the "traditional way" but that's just the way they were raised. One thing these older generations need to realize is that they are now in the modern age, times have changed and there is now new ways of doing things. Yes the idea of tradition still exists but people are not as strict about following them.

I mean i am not a mom, but I know how it affected my friends at such a young age. Not being able to come hangout with us all at the mall anymore, but that comes with being a good mom, being able to give up everyday things to be there for your child! Not every mom can say that, I know some women that have children that would rather go out and drink and party than spend time with their children, that would rather spend money on cigarettes than by diapers or whatever the child needs because they are so selfish!

So, i guess what i am trying to say is that there are some hardships to face when becoming a mom at such a young age, but if you fight through and step up to the plate for your child you will succeed at being a mom! I am also trying to say that becoming a mom at any age isn't going to be easy, but you have to give up some stuff just to provide for your child!

Being a mom is not an easy task, but once you hold that child for the first time, and watch them grow it's going to be worth giving up things for!

So for all you moms out there, keep up the work! You got this!