The hot new game has been released! On July 6, 2016 anticipation and nerves have sparked within everyone. Pokemon Go has been released for iOS and Android!

What is this Pokemon Go?

In simple terms, Pokemon Go is a phone app created by Niantic Inc where you travel around your area and catch wild Pokemon as they appear on your phone. Neat idea isn't it? From the television show to Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advanced and so on, we are finally capable of catching Pokemon in our backyards. How amazing! Although I am loving this game, there are a few kinks which need to be fixed. Because of the large capacity of people downloading and playing, the server may be down.

(Our server are experiencing issues. Please come back later).

I dread seeing this when I just want to catch Pokemon.

There were also problems with hacks as the app was first released.

Navigating the app.

1. After creating a account and avatar, the main page shows you the map of your area.

2. The blue floating cubical images shown on the map are Poke Stops. These are areas around town where you collect items. Poke Stops can be tourist sites, churches, stores, architecture, nature or any landmark. (You need to be within a close proximity to obtain items.)

3. The other multicolored floating images with Pokemon above them are gyms. After reaching level five, you may join a team and battle gym leaders. (You need to be within a close proximity to battle.)

4. Sometimes you may see rustling and flying leaves around the area. This means there are Pokemon near. At the bottom right of your screen, tiny images of Pokemon represent how near or far they are. The foot prints beneath the images determine the distance. No prints mean they are very near and three prints mean they are farther.

The chances of finding a certain Pokemon depends on your location. There are higher possibilities of catching a water type Pokemon near bodies of water.

5. Clicking on your trainer shows your avatar, level, XP, journal of activities, coins, start date, team, and medals for different achievements. (You can only obtain coins by buying them with real money).SO SAD.

6. Clicking the Pokeball at the bottom center opens a pop up with the settings, tips, Pokedex, shop, Pokemon, and items.

Game play.

1. Create an account and design an avatar.

2. Catch your starter Pokemon (Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Charmander).

4. Walk around town, and wait for a Pokemon to appear.

5. Tap the wild Pokemon and aim the Pokeball to catch it. (Sometimes it may take a few times to throw properly and catch.)

6. Review your Pokemon's stats and abilities. You level up by catching pokemon.

7. What are stardust and candy? These items help power up and evolve your Pokemon. Each Pokemon have their own amount of stardust and candy needed for these advancements. You can achieve candy by transferring your Pokemon to the professor.

8. Poke Stops are landmarks where you collect items. These can range from Pokeballs, potions, revive, eggs, etc.

9. After reaching level five you may join a team of red, blue, or yellow to start battling and training at gyms. Gyms can be opened by your Pokemon or placed by a Pokemon of your team members. Training your Pokemon will happen within your team. After training, you can battle a gym of the other team and take over the gym.

9. To hatch an egg, you need to place the egg in an incubator. After doing so, each egg informs you how far you need to walk until it hatches.

These are the basics of becoming the best Pokemon trainer. There are many other hints and secrets for this game. Figure them out and have fun! Meet new trainers within your area (it is obvious when they are playing.) You will learn more throughout your journey.


Enjoy the game and be aware of your surroundings! Do not be eaten by the Gyarados!