Behind-the-Scenes: What Working At The Odyssey Is Really Like
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Behind-the-Scenes: What Working At The Odyssey Is Really Like

There's free beer on tap...

Behind-the-Scenes: What Working At The Odyssey Is Really Like
Zoe Myers

Walking into The Odyssey's headquarters in New York City is like walking into your first college party. Exciting. Overwhelming. Scary. Promising. And also, there's free beer on tap.

I had the opportunity to work in the office last week to create a "Meet The Interns" video. The interns wanted to give the world a taste of what their work was like and I was up for challenge. As a Media Arts and Design major, I live for photography, videography, typography and all that other fun stuff that ends with -graphy. Unless it's geography. Maps are hard. Translation: I'm a nerd. But like, the hipster nerd who wears Ray Ban frames and goes to cool coffee shops to do work. The point is, I was thrilled to help the interns tell their story.

Immediately upon entering the office, two coffee makers lay ready to use on the counter, along with a bountiful supply of black mugs. On these black mugs, the words "Do What You Love" are printed in a crisp white calligraphy. The people of The Odyssey live and breathe this mantra. It's an environment filled with people who love what they do. The energy is refreshing and inspiring .

In terms of themes for our little production, we discussed a number of possibilities. We ended up going with what we thought fit the atmosphere the most accurately, and thus "The Office: Odyssey Edition" was created. This one's for all the Michael Scott fans out there.

(Photo via NBC)

Please note that this entire video was created using only a a DSL-R camera. At school, I am fortunate to have access to a whole array of audio and video equipment to rent for free, but on my own, it’s just my camera and me. While I would have loved microphones for the audio and some LED lights to enhance the aesthetic quality of our video, between the five interns and myself, our resources were somewhat limited . So like any professional would do, we worked with what we had to create the best final product that we could. Making it was a blast and we hope everyone enjoys it just as much as we do.

Note: Please watch the video in HD quality, either 720p or 1080p. You can change the settings under the settings wheel in the bottom right of the video. Do it to enhance your viewer experience, but also, do it for me. I'll sleep easier at night knowing my video is being watched in high definition.

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