So you see these Odyssey articles everywhere, but you’re not really sure what they’re about. Sure, you get the notifications for them all the time, but maybe you’re wondering how someone gets started as an Odyssey creator. Well, here’s why you should consider applying to be a content creator this semester:

1. It gives you the chance to meet really awesome people at your school.

When I joined Odyssey, I joined a community of around 60 other USF student from all different majors who had a new chance to connect. Communicating in our group chat allowed us not only to talk about our writing but also what we were thinking about. And when we stopped talking about writing and started talking more casually, I was able to make friends that I still hold dear to this day through Odyssey. It gives you a non-judgemental community of thinkers unlike any other.

2. You’ll become a better writer.

No matter what your major is, your future job will require you to be a good writer. No exception. Writing for Odyssey forced me to write every week, and practice like that has definitely sharpened my writing. In addition, getting feedback from the editors gives you the constructive criticism that’s sometimes needed to help you catch mistakes and habits you didn’t even know were there. Practice makes perfect, and there’s no better way to practice an essential skill than to share what’s on your mind every week.

3. You’ll gain leadership and professional skills.

Whether or not you’re on the leadership board for your community, there are always ways to express leadership qualities. Starting discussions, offering feedback to fellow writers about their content, or even just networking with other writers nationwide, opportunity is everywhere. Odyssey gives young writers the chance to explore not only what’s going on in their mind, but in the minds for those around them. Make connections! There’s no limit to the possibilities.

Check out the USF community here.