In the past couple months, LMU students have had the opportunity to read, share and love their peers articles that have been written through Odyssey. The writers at Odyssey are thankful for the support of the LMU community and that of our friends at home and the encouragement to keep writing articles. Through our social media and the shares of our friends, we are able to reach a larger group of people and we are able to have our thoughts and stories heard by those that may need to hear them. We try to write stories that are relevant and engage a larger audience. We pride ourselves on being able to provide high quality stories with our reader's interest in mind.

As the Fall of 2016 is rapidly approaching, our team is excited to announce the many changes that are coming to the Odyssey to continue to improve our content and progress in a positive manner. Over the summer, we have spent a lot of time refining our content and continued to produce more of the work that readers love. Odyssey has currently been rolling out a new revamp program to help revitalize our teams and pump up the amazing content that you see every week. Through this we have found writers that are excited to write and deliver amazing pieces to all different audiences.

Being a part of the LMU Odyssey team is a great experience focused on making people better writers and providing a great platform to share thoughts, opinions, stories, failures and successes. The Odyssey provides college students with the ability to reach out to the world around them and say "you aren't the only one going through those things." The Odyssey lets people be vulnerable and brave, but funny and expressive at the same time.

While we are still very excited about the awesome writers we have on staff, we are looking to expand our staff here at LMU. This can be an incredible opportunity for people with any major, at big schools or small schools, and extends to people with all different interests and hobbies. Come one, come all! Odyssey welcomes those who have the desire to create and share!

If you'd like to join our amazing community, visit