I follow Odyssey on many social media platforms, including their official Facebook page.

One of my articles actually got shared on their Facebook not too long ago. Check it out if you're interested!

But yeah, I often see other creators' articles being shared. I click on them sometimes, too. I love supporting my fellow creators! And I love when others support me, too.

That being said, do I agree with every article posted? No. Not always. But, I respect their thoughts and opinions, just as I expect others to do the same for me.

I write for Odyssey because I want to. Because I want to share my views on the world with those who care enough to read them. I don't write articles just because; I write them because I truly care about what I'm writing about.

I assume that's the same for almost all creators. They put their heart and soul into their work, and just because their views don't align with yours, it doesn't make them any less valuable to them.

I mainly say this because I see a lot of hate in the comment sections of some controversial articles. And yeah, that's to be expected. It is the Internet after all.

But, this is just a PSA for those who don't realize it: Odyssey creators don't write about the news. Our articles aren't necessarily factual or based on multiple sources. So, please, keep that in mind next time you spread hate on another creator's work.

Everyone's entitled to their own opinions. Spread love, not hate!