Odyssey Impact: When Posting On Odyssey Gets You Your Dream Job

Odyssey Impact: When Posting On Odyssey Gets You Your Dream Job

Karley Nugent's post on her incredible summer at Yellowstone landed her a position in the park.

When Karley Nugent packed up her car and headed for Yellowstone National Park for a summer job, she knew she would have an unforgettable experience. What she didn’t know was that after that summer, and after posting about it on Odyssey, Yellowstone would offer her the opportunity of a lifetime.

Nugent’s love for Yellowstone started back in 2014 during a short family trip, and since then, her mission has been to be a part of the park.

“I signed up for the seasonal job, and I got it, and it was the most life changing summer of my life,” she said. “Couldn’t have been better… well maybe, if I could have stayed longer. But when I found out about Odyssey a year later, I wanted to explain how amazing Yellowstone is and use my writing to help others discover this place.”

Nugent has written a variety of Yellowstone articles, but her post on her summer experience showcased her passion for the park and her eagerness to show the world why a visit to Yellowstone is absolutely necessary:

She greeted everyone she met with warm smiles, forming bonds with people from all walks of life. The people of Yellowstone taught her that no matter where they come from, all people are humans who were meant to come together and share love. And she learned that people are part of what makes Yellowstone so special.

Within a few days, the post was already gaining traction with hundreds of shares.

“I’ve written about Yellowstone and my travels and some articles have had mild success, but this one is my most successful article to date,” Nugent said.

She was contacted by past and current Yellowstone workers, people who visited the park before, and others who told her they were inspired to experience what she wrote about.

“It was awe-inspiring for me to be able to connect with people and people who worked in Yellowstone and make friendships,” Nugent said. “It’s really humbling to see how much of an impact my piece had.”

Soon after the article gained traction, one of Nugent’s summer coworkers shared the article with Yellowstone’s head of human resources. The department enjoyed her article so much they requested a phone call with her to thank her for the article.

And to offer her a position in the park.

“They said, ‘We’re really interested in your photography and writing and what your thought process is,” Nugent said. “‘We want to create a position for you. We want someone out here to write and photograph and video for us just like you’ve done for Odyssey.’”

The position, which tentatively starts at the end of May, will include working with the park’s social media team, creating original content, and assisting with additional projects in the park. Nugent will have a company car and living quarters right on premises.

“I’m sitting there thinking that this is my dream job and I can’t believe it was happening. I almost cried,” Nugent said. “This whole experience is so humbling just because I’ve worked so hard for this.”

Aside from securing an amazing first job out of school, Nugent is thankful for the overwhelmingly positive responses her article has received.

“The biggest best thing is when people tell me, ‘You make me want to go there,’” Nugent said. “I want to use writing and photography to inspire people to travel and give them these experiences. And now because of Odyssey, I can.”

Cover Image Credit: Karley Nugent

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"Well, well, well. How the turntables."

College is full of moments where we aren't exactly sure if something is real or if we're being pranked on a reality show. We often find ourselves staring off into the distance trying to process what is happening in front of us, and we pretty closely resemble one of our favorite television characters: Jim Halpert from "The Office."

Yep, that's the look. I can't be the only one who relates to this feeling, right? Here are 17 times this happens to college students.

1. Professors giving zero insight for the upcoming exam

Why, when you have half a semester of lectures under your belt, would you not give your students the topics on which they will need to write essays over while having no resources?

2. Dining halls having little to no variety

Pizza every single day? Check. Four kinds of "chicken"? Check. Few options for vegetarians? Triple check.

3. Group projects

On a project due tomorrow: "What's our topic going to be?"

Well, maybe you should have checked the GroupMe three weeks ago when we decided because the project's almost done at this point.

4. Professors already jumping into lectures on the first day of syllabus week

Alternatively, let's go back to the syllabus and get out an hour early.

5. A fight breaking out in your dorm

Could this just not happen?

6. Filling out your planner for the week

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7. When one of your friends throws a savage roast

We're only interested in absolutely fire roasts here, and let's be real—the best ones are aimed at our best friends.

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Drinking culture is dangerous and should be avoided.

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Did we skip a few slides?

11. When the TA says "I forgot to mention that we have an exam tonight."

I'm sorry, what?

12. Mistakingly putting someone else in charge

If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.

13. The weather deciding to be the opposite of what you planned for

An 80-degree morning and snowy evening? Welcome to the Midwest.

14. Hearing a mention of fall scheduling

Let's survive this semester first.

15. The dining hall only has decaf coffee

Yes, hello. I'm going to need a bulk shipment, pronto.

16. Realizing you didn't do as well on an assignment as you think you did

It's especially hard for classes that aren't math-based because there's no way to check your progress as you go.

17. When your friend wants to do something particularly stupid

While bad decisions are a group affair, that doesn't mean you should let them do the thing.

Even if our lives aren't being turned into a documentary, sometimes college still feels like a TV show. It's kind of like "Friends" in that we eat, live, cry, Netflix-binge and figure out life together. One thing is for sure though — we definitely act like we have that imaginary little camera hanging out with us.

Cover Image Credit: NBC Universal

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6 Things To Do When You Really Need To Take Your Mind Off School

No alcohol necessary.

Some people say that school can be stressful, but anyone who has been there or who are enrolled right now knows that school is guaranteed to be stressful. The longer you’re in it, the more responsibility you’re given.

This progression can be good since it’s important to be able to handle a lot of things at once and be trusted by others to get stuff done, but it can also overwhelm you. With deadlines approaching, it’s easy to push your mental wellbeing aside.

Don’t put your stress before your happiness any longer. Even if you have a million things due tomorrow, you won’t do a good job on what you need to get done if you can’t think straight.

Take your mind off of school with some of these easy tricks. You’ll feel clearer about what you need to do if you just give yourself a bit of a break.

1. Put your homework down

This is rule number one to let go of school stress. It’s easy to think the only way to have less stress is to get your work done, but pushing through assignment after assignment will only increase your anxiety.

Make the deliberate choice to put that book or essay down. It’ll still be there when you’re back from your break. Ten minutes away won’t hurt anything!

2. Drink some tea

Almost everyone has had that one friend who thinks drinking tea makes them quirky and somehow better than coffee drinkers, so they made you feel like you would never pick up a tea bag in your life. In reality, tea could be a big solution to your school stress.

Some great teas for stress and anxiety could help you in a matter of minutes. Boxes of tea bags aren’t that expensive and will last for a long time, so even if you’re on the tightest budget, you can still afford to try it out and see how much it helps.

3. Take a walk

Get yourself out of the environment that got you stressed in the first place. Whether it means leaving your dorm or taking a break from the library, change where you are to get your mind in a better place.

Try taking a quick walk outside. The fresh air will re-energize you, and it’ll also help you be more in the moment. Watch birds fly or clouds pass by.

Being in the moment will help you remember that there’s more to life than school, and it’s one of the proven ways to destress in a matter of minutes.

4. Start a new hobby

Hobbies are part of what makes life fun! You get to spend time doing what you love for no reason other than that you enjoy doing it.

See if you can start up a hobby that you can do on study breaks. Try doing things like painting or exercising. Something a little more off-beat could be good too, like learning how to take up stamp collecting.

Whatever sparks your interest, follow the lead! You might learn something new about yourself while you’re having fun.

5. Chew some gum

Another cheap way to get rid of stress is to buy a pack of gum. No matter what flavor you prefer or brand you buy, you’ll benefit from it. Gum has been proven to reduce anxiety and improve overall moods.

It’s also definitely something anyone on a budget can afford to try, so use the excuse to get a sugary treat into your day, and see if it works for you.

6. Dance for a minute

Stress seems to only get worse the more seriously you take your situation, so lighten up and turn on your favorite dance song. Let loose for a couple of minutes to get your blood pumping.

You’ll feel better without having to leave your room, and listening to your favorite song will make you happier. Do it with a friend for extra ridiculous giggles and stress relieving bonus points.

Destress for a better, healthier school experience.

People say that when you’re in school, you should be studying something you’re interested in.

Whether you’ve found a subject that makes your heart sing or you’re still just trying to get through basic education courses, you’re going to be dealing with high levels of stress sooner or later.

The never-ending deadlines and ever-increasing homework loads for each class may make you feel like you’ve been defeated, but don’t let yourself get too overwhelmed.

Easy ways to defeat your stress exist, like chewing gum or going for a walk. These activities won’t take up much time, so you can fit them in even if you’re doubling up on classes.

Ultimately, make sure that you remember why you're doing that work in the first place so that your goals are always front and center.

They’ll be worth any stress and stress-relieving attempts you have to make in the short term.

Cover Image Credit: Rawpixel

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