-after Maggie Smith's "Good Bones"

Beauty is everywhere, though sometimes people fail to see it.

Beauty is everywhere, and it lives vicariously

in a simple dance, kind-hearted strangers,

who offer a smile and positivity,

and children with imperfectly-placed freckles

giggling ecstatically on the playground. The reality is that terrible

incidents happen daily, but we must remember

regularly, again and again, the most basic blessings.

For every bird singing, there's another harmoniously replying in song.

For every baby wailing, there's another smiling, warmly

snuggled in a bosom. Bliss is surrounding and nudging us

to open our sleepy eyes, and for each nightmare

dreamed, there's an oasis waiting to be seen,

though some choose to turn their heads. We must seek

to discover our beautiful hope. It can appear,

almost as wondrously as dew child. For it

poses a challenge: You must choose to see the beauty.