1. You always avoid the seal

Yeah... Don't step on it. Just don't do it.

2. You hate VCU

Since ODU and VCU have been basketball rivals for a long time, we just simply don't associate with them.

3. You don't ever buy books from the bookstore

Amazon or Chegg usually are better options, unless you absolutely have to buy your book from the bookstore.

4. You probably live off campus

Due to ODU having hardly any on-campus housing, a majority of housing goes to freshmen.

5. You know the difference between "The Cafe" and "Broderick"

R.I.P. Cafe 1201.

6. You're almost always hungry for Pizza Hut or Panda Express

A lot of times in cold weather, you find yourself walking through the Webb more often. If it's during lunch hour, you'll probably feel the need to eat Panda or a personal pizza.

7. You've stopped by Del Vechs for a slice at 2 A.M.

Del Vecchios is the best spot at ODU to eat when you're out. They stay open late, and even better, they're cheap!

8. You refer to the library as "Club Perry"

"Will you be at Club Perry tonight?"

9. You know that if you're in a hurry to not stop by Einstein's, even for just a bagel and cup of coffee

We all know that Einstein's is not the place to go for a quick snack. We only go here if we know we'll be in the library for a while.

10. You know that if it's a Thursday night, all of your friends over 21 are at Mojo's for Crush Night, otherwise, they're at The Edge

You hear all about it all the time. If you're anything like me, you're counting down the days until you can join them.

11. You've ridden the lion

Why? Because you should.

12. You're always hitting up Freshmen for swipes

Not everyone has a meal plan, especially those who live off campus, so this is crucial.