An Ode To White Chocolate Mochas
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An Ode To White Chocolate Mochas

No shame in the Starbucks game.

An Ode To White Chocolate Mochas

Before I became an avid Starbuck’s consumer, I heard many people tease young girls for purchasing their infamous white chocolate mochas. I always laughed at the “basic white girl” comments that my friends got for buying any drink from Starbs, but those who bought a venti white chocolate mocha were mocked extra for getting the most basic drink on the corporation's menu.

Because of the stigma that surrounded this beverage, the first few times that I went to any coffee shop, I avoided it. I was not about to suffer from the same ridicule that I’d seen others face, so I bought drip coffees, flavorless lattes, and other drinks that were mediocre. A part of me must have known that I was missing out on something delicious though because one day, I boldly resolved that I would order a white chocolate mocha without fear of harassment.

I still remember walking up to the Starbucks counter. The barista greeted me as if I were any other customer ordering a beverage, but little did she know that I was about to make the best decision of my entire caffeine-addicted life.

With more gusto than necessary, I ordered “a venti, light ice, white chocolate mocha with whipped cream!” As with any other customer, she charged me, wrote down my name incorrectly, and sent me to the bar to wait.

I eagerly awaited my coffee’s completion, and even though it was the longest five minute period of my life, the wait was well worth it. When the barista called my name and order, my heart skipped a beat. I didn’t even care that my name had just been directly associated with the most stereotypically basic beverage on the menu.

When I took my first sip, my taste buds exploded with the euphoria. The legenDAIRY (get it, cause there’s milk in it?) drink exceeded my expectations: white chocolate mochas are a delicacy.

I didn’t care that I was putting 580 calories (200 of which come from fat) into my body. It hardly bothered me that my blood pressure would shoot through the roof for the rest of the day. The taste was even worth the sugar rush that made me quake for the next three hours. All of the side effects that come from drinking the wcm were tolerated because I had met the love of my life.

Don’t feel ashamed to drink white chocolate mochas. I’ve spoken with friends who are honestly too ashamed to buy them because they don’t want their friends, anybody in line, or the baristas to think less of them. And if you’re worried about the health factors, let me remind you that you deserve to treat yoself occasionally.

White chocolate mochas are heaven on earth in a plastic cup, and if you won’t buy them, just know that I always will. #noragrets
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