Ode To Somewhere
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Student Life

Ode To Somewhere

Not one of Beethoven's most famous songs.

Ode To Somewhere
Haley Biddle

Never before has an 11:24 P.M. reached out to me such as this. Rubbing the headache out of my left eyebrow while I'm, not tucked, but lain under my comforter sheet because the others just don't stay put. The song When I'm Small by Phantogram plays rigidly under the biggest pillow on my bed and my head is just as heavy. My current mood is somewhere between platform shoes, 2 days old wavy hair, and lots (emphasis on lots) of smoulder. As I close my eyes, I imagine dancing in the middle of a dark room maybe on a late Tuesday. There's live music that expels off the walls and makes the drum cymbal's clash in fear. In an almost parallel universe way, all the other people around have no sense or need for destinational purposes. In more English terms, they have no need to know where they're going, they just have the feeling of where they are. As I have the feeling of where I am.

Even today, as I'm notably not in a pre-college state, someone asked me what I'm doing with my life. I'm getting the feeling that this is an ever-raveling question. Still trying to find the explanation for an hour being measured in 60 minutes and not 100, I'm an over-complicator, but I always under-complicate this question. Stating my major alone groups me with millions of people and essentially just makes me a girl with a piece of paper at the end of it all.

"Well what do you want to do with that?" The turtle says, screaming from behind. "I guess I'll find out," I say with a cartoonish wink as I finish my ice cream cone.

Of course that is not exactly how the conversation went, but it lays the same significance in my mind. Something I don't need to figure out however is who I keep close. One of my favorite relationships is the one I keep with words.

Pasted with 6 month old ink on a magazine, holographically inclined on a webpage designed to ruin my sight, or wavely sung from a rockstar's mouth, I can't seem to get enough of them. Like a GPS in a pre-determined accent, I have set my destination to somewhere, and I can't wait to listen for my next turn.

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