5 Reasons I Love Candles

My roommates and I are obsessed with candles. When I was a kid, I always liked candles, but my brother was a bit of a pyromaniac, so he liked them even more. For every gift-giving holiday, I would buy him a candle. But now, I feel like I’m the one always asking for them.

Here are five reasons why I love candles

1. They smell amazing.

Depending on your mood, you could light a cinnamon apple candle or a lilac candle. Either way, smell is the strongest sense to evoke memory. Smelling your favorite smell is also the perfect way to cheer you up or end the day.

2. They add to the atmosphere of a room.

There’s something relaxing about a soft, flickering light. Actually, there’s something relaxing about the entire essence of candles.

3. They set the mood.

You know what I mean.

4. They make great gifts.

If you can’t think of what to give someone, give them a candle. There are so many scent options that it can definitely feel personalized. Plus, it’s like giving someone a gift for both herself and her home.

5. They bring people together.

I love my roommates, but we can’t agree on everything. However, we all have pretty bomb taste in candles. They honestly bring us together, make us a family, and make it feel like home.

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