An Ode To The Friend Who Always Handles The Aux

An Ode To The Friend Who Always Handles The Aux

We all have that friend who is basically the DJ of the group.

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Thank you for consistently coming in clutch and playing music in times where music is necessary. When you’re not there, we are always either stuck listening to someone’s free streaming app (aka ads every two seconds), or a pretty badly curated playlist (sorry to everyone else, but you’re just not as good as THE Aux Friend).

I mean, you manage to play songs that everybody in the group can jam out to, even when we all have different music tastes. You play the songs that force us to stop conversations so that we can rap/sing along, and you set the scene for some pretty amazing dance sessions. Truly, you have a playlist for every mood: Chill vibes, Twerking vibes, Beach vibes, Throwback vibes… name a vibe, and you probably have a playlist for it!

Your playlists are SO much better than what plays on the radio. While the radio plays the same five songs on repeat, you delve into the less popular songs. You've introduced me to so many songs and artists! I never tell you, but sometimes while you’re playing music, I open up my Shazam app and add the song you’re playing to my playlist. Seriously, I love so many new artists/ songs because of you! You’re like my own personal music curator. Without you, I would not have been able to expand my music taste as much as I do now.

Just as great as the new songs that you introduce me to, you also always come through with amazing throwbacks. Whether it's a song that we all love to sing along to every once in awhile or an absolute banger that we all forgot about, you really remind me of how good music from the past years is! Artists should thank you for keeping their music alive.

Honestly, you occasionally play songs that no one wants to hear. Sometimes you play a really abstract song that no one except you can vibe with. But it’s alright, because you always bounce back gracefully with the next few songs. We all have some abstract songs that we listen to that we’re truly too scared to share with others, so I appreciate your unwavering confidence in your music taste. Even when no one else is down with the song, you stand tall and play the song.

As I look back on some of my favorite moments, I always think about the main songs we listened to at that time. You truly play the soundtrack of my life and you come in clutch when no one else can. The room/ car always erupts in flames when you have the aux cord. You da bomb!

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