20 Obvious Signs You're In A Committed Relationship With Your Dog
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20 Obvious Signs You're In A Committed Relationship With Your Dog

Well obviously the first sign would be the family approval, right?

20 Obvious Signs You're In A Committed Relationship With Your Dog
Tiffany Lovings

It's not a secret, I've been in love with a man named Nikolaj since August.

From the day we first met I knew he was gonna break my heart because he's that great of a charmer. Over the last few months, we've learned a lot about each other, our strengths and weaknesses, what makes him happy and what makes him grumpy.

As with any relationship you learn the most about the other person within a few months and I can honestly say, I feel like I'm growing alongside my companion. So what better way to celebrate our 4-month anniversary then with all the things I appreciate about him.

Ladies watch out, he's a charmer!

1. My little man is always happy to see me.

How did I get so lucky to have this special man in my life.

2. He gives the best cuddles and kisses.

He is one of the cuddliest dogs I've ever met.

3. He gets along with my family almost like it was meant to be.

When you are given the honorary title of being accepted into my family, you've hit the jackpot. My family loved him the first time they met him as well.

4. Even after having surgery, he has the energy to smile.

Just look at my little champion.

5. Lets me take a bajillion photos of him...

Seriously, this is one of over 100 on my phone. Even iCloud can't handle all the photos.

6. He lets me carry his burdens.

Even as he is getting bigger, I still carry Nikolaj around the house.

7. He's always up for taking walks together.

There are moments when he has so much energy so a walk is the perfect time to calm him down and let him explore.

8. Will protect me from all kinds of inanimate objects.

It's hilarious to watch him attack the broom like its this evil thing.

9. It was love at first sight and still continues to this day.

Look at that perfect little face. Once I saw him for the first time, I knew this little boy would have my heart for life.

10. He's my best photo model.

All I have to do is just ask. Pretty simple right!?

11. Understands that I'll be away for weeks at a time and does Facetime calls with me.

Every time I face time with my family, little Nikolaj is always right there to hear me baby talk with him. It really is the greatest thing ever.

12. When I do come home it's like Christmas EVERY TIME.

With Nikolaj in my life, I really don't need a man to come home to.

13. We understand the need for alone time.

He's still growing so I give him the space he needs to get plenty of rest so that we can get plenty of play time in.

14. He doesn't try to hog all the bed...most of the time.

Sometimes he can get a little too excited and wants to take over the bed and I don't really mind since I let him.

15. We like to take "couple pics."

Don't we look so good together? The height difference doesn't even phase us anymore.

16. Helps me with dishes duty.

Such a gentleman I have in my life. I just wish he had the patience to wash the dishes.

17. Still loves me after bath time.

He can look like a drowned rat and still be looking at me with love.

18. Still in love with him even when he takes my favorite house shoes

Lately it seems his newest obsessions are my house shoes that I adore. Good thing I love him so much!

19. He sleeps in the weirdest positions but still looks adorable.

I never understand how he sleeps so comfortable like this but it works somehow.

20. He's truly my best friend in the whole world.

And I am so ever grateful to have Nikolaj in my life. He has brought our family tons of laughs, joy, and appreciation for life itself. Happy anniversary love!

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