Do you like to plan ahead? Does spontaneity stress you out? Here are some things that you will totally understand and connect with.

1. List-making.

Lists are an important part of your daily routine. In fact, you cannot imagine accomplishing anything without first making a list of the things you will need to accomplish. The very act of crossing items off the list is deeply satisfying and therapeutic. There are lists for the grocery store, lists of homework items, and even lists of TV shows to binge watch. Sometimes it's just fun to make the lists and consider how they will eventually be completed. Other times there are lists that need to be completed immediately. Regardless, it is clear that you are obsessed with list-making and all their planning potential.

2. CEP (Chronic Earliness Problem).

Do you find yourself showing up for class or work ridiculously early on a regular basis? You are the first person there, but that's totally okay with you. The concept of being late stresses you out so much that you would rather be early so as not to throw off your regular plan of events. This concept also works in reverse in regards to those who have a chronic lateness problem. Those individuals stress you out because they do not have respect for your schedule or time. You had had a plan and their lateness disrupted it.

3. Have a planner/calendar.

Your planner or calendar is constantly filled with each and every event and item that needs to be done for the next week, month or year. This planner is your life and you would be completely lost without it. In fact, buying your planner every year is a special moment because you consider all of the amazing memories that you will share with this calendar as you fill in the planned events for your year.

4. Hatred of the unexpected.

You hate anything that is unplanned or unexpected. It stresses you out when your plans go awry and you have to improvise. This causes you to panic and suddenly you don't know how to go on with your day. Your stability in life is shaken and you don't know where you stand. This can come from something as small as hitting a red light on the way to work that you usually always make. Even the slightest disturbance in your schedule causes anxiety.

5. Organization.

You appreciate it when everything in your life is organized. Disorder is stressful. Whether this be the organization of your room or apartment or organization in your schedule, both are extremely important to you to be successful in your life.

Planning keeps your life structured and gives you a sense of control. Just doing these small things in your life gives you satisfaction and purpose.