1. Dakota Johnson is stunning- but her dress was not

While her dress was rather matronly and probably not her best, the Fifty Shades Darker star nonetheless still radiated. Her simple, natural makeup was subtly beautiful and taller stature helped her stand out among the crowd of celebs.

2. Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are goals

I have personally always been Team Jen during the Brangelina debacle, and hearing my mom sing their praises only confirmed my beliefs about their perfect pairing.

3. The Jonas Brothers are very multi-talented

Blowing up the dancefloor from the moment they arrived were none other than the former band composed of the brother trio Joe, Nick, and Kevin. And, fortunately, their moves were a few steps up from the teeny-bopper performances in Camp Rock.

4. Viola Davis is perfection

It does not take more than a few scenes of one of Viola’s films to recognize her level of talent, and the Oscar-winning actress proved her skills on the red carpet as well in a stunning red gown.

5. Ciara has that pregnancy glow

With NFL quarterback Russell Wilson on her arm, Ciara was radiant and glowing as she showed off her baby bump in a shimmering white ensemble.

6. Reese Witherspoon is the cute girl-next-door everyone imagined

I imagined everyone’s favorite bubbly blonde in Legally Blonde to not actually be as cute and put-together as she appeared- but apparently, she is just the same in person.

7. Jessica Biel >

Unfortunately, for those still clinging to the hope that stars do not actually look as good in person as they do when made up for the cover of a magazine, Jessica Biel is here to crush your dreams. Justin Timberlake’s wife was exotic and beautiful as always.