5 Obscure Phobias I Have And Why I Fear Them

5 Obscure Phobias I Have And Why I Fear Them

Is it good to have fears? If we didn't fear anything there would be no element of risk that pushes us to do things outside of our comfort zones...


How much fear is too much and how little fear is too dangerous? Is it normal to be scared to skydive? Do we want to be the person who never takes risks? What makes us all scared of different things? Do you ever take the dangerous Buzzfeed quizzes? Of course, it's more comfortable to take the low-risk quizzes like "what kind of French fry are you," "Pick your favorite celebrity outfit and we'll tell you something great about you" and "build your dream home and we'll tell you when you'll fall madly in love with the sexiest man ever."

Those ones naturally keep you up past midnight because who wouldn't want to answer those questions? But, do you ever click on the ones like "pick a color splotch and we'll tell you something people hate about you" or "Answer 5 questions and we will tell you your biggest fear"? Those ones I usually find to be stupid. It was amazing how they knew that I'm totally a curly fry because of my positive attitude, but that they know I fear death? I mean come on, they probably say that to everyone. Not one person is like "death? Not scared at all." If that person exists they are way too self-actualized to walk amongst us mere mortals and also I want to raid their self-help book library.

Anyways, if you think this is going to be a motivational article about facing your fears you're wrong. If you have a fear of being wrong though then you just faced it, so good for you! Since I have no place telling you how to conquer your fears since I didn't learn how to ride a bike till I was seven and still dash to the bathroom in the middle of the night because that's obviously when the monsters come out to play, I decided to tell you really dumb things I deeply fear. Maybe they'll resonate with you or you'll think I'm a total loser and never read my articles again. It's fine, my mom is still contractually obligated to read them so it's neither here nor there for me.

1. Mayonnaise

First of all, why does a condiment need this many syllables? I am not quite sure why I fear this so much, like none of the individual ingredients in it freak me out, but if I see it in a jar in the fridge I gag. Now, I know I've consumed it in sly ways over the course of my life. My mom snuck it in to some parmesan crusted chicken. Yeah anyone else with this fear, go yell at your Mom, she did it too. I have consumed it by choice on sushi rolls disguised as spicy mayo because that doesn't really count. The fear of the jar is different. I also don't want to see a big glob of it on a knife. I've danced with Mayo's boujee cousin, Aioli and we had a nice time, but let's say I'm not counting down the days to our next meeting.

2. Cheese dust

I really don't understand why more people don't have a problem with this. Any kind of orange coating and I recoil. Much fear. I don't like seeing other people eat them either. Specifically, the worst are the cheese balls, like the ones puffed with air. It's just an unnecessary food to even exist. *Skin crawls. Like I don't want that on my hands.

3.  Babies with their ears pierced

I see these and I'm like ah! Get away from me! People say "I want to get her ears pierced now so she won't remember it hurting." Guess who remembers it?!? Me! Cause your baby is now super scary! She constantly looks like a tiny adult, not just during special occasions. New rule: If you can't wipe yourself, nay you can't even use a toilet, you don't get to wear jewels. That's a grown-up privilege. To me, it's worse than a baby in a suit for a wedding because a suit tells me you're heading in a nice direction in your life. Maybe you'll work at an investment banking company. You could be a hedge fund manager. The thing is when you're a little girl baby with your ears pierced you aren't always in your finery. You look like you've had a rough time like you have vomit on your onesie yet you're wearing opals so you don't give a $%*$.

It just looks to me like you're working at Hot Topic in the mall. Like I'm going to be there buying my hot school girl ironic stuff for Halloween while "Back in Black" is playing and this baby is just gonna pop up behind the counter to ring me up. She has a thing of diet Dr. Pepper on the counter and like a bag of Funions or something. Black chipped nail polish. The reason I say this is the babies are wearing earrings and maybe I'm not wearing any and I feel like they're like: what? I'm growing up too fast? You have a problem with that lady? What, do you still shop at Justice? Do you even have your ears pierced? This is why they scare me. It's intimidating and unnatural.

4. Suede

Who invented this and thought it felt good? Hmmm, something almost furry yet also slightly slimy, what a winning combo! Ew! No! The feeling of it just really gets me, like my hair stands up and everything. This is now sort of in the category with spicy mayo where sometimes I let it slide. Cause some things with suede are super cute.

5. Middle schoolers on social media

This is like second-hand embarrassment but the fear edition. I am genuinely terrified for the adults these kids will become and also how they will reflect on these posts in years to come. Probably similar to how you feel about me while reading this, but that's beside the point. If you've ever seen a 10-year-old's TikTok video you'd understand. A wave of terror kind of succumbs you and it's like you're uncomfortable and are unsure how to respond. It's like "Ack! Turn it off!" But if you say that then you're not being supportive. And then they ask you to do one with them and you give an enthusiastic "Sure!" hoping that the video doesn't ruin your life. I know when I was ten I was probably doing some cringe-worthy dancing to Ke$ha because waking up and brushing your teeth with a bottle of Jack is relatable to anyone at any age, but there wasn't video footage of it. Some things are best kept between you and your bathroom mirror.

The bottom line is if a baby with ears pierced cloaked in a suede outfit chases after me holding anything that flakes off cheese dust and a ten-year-old is filming it for Instagram while throwing fistfuls of Mayo at me it'd be my worst nightmare.

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20 Fun Facts To Use When Introducing Yourself

As we embark on the semester, we are put on the spot in order to share interesting details about ourselves. This article discloses possible fun facts to tell others!

After experiencing my first week of classes, I have learned that every student needs a handy-dandy list of fun facts about themselves to tell other people. Many professors use the first couple of classes to learn about their students, so you may need to think about who you are and how you want to introduce yourself to your professor and classmates. We all have that one go-to interesting fact about ourselves, but sometimes you just have to mix it up!

1. My favorite hobby is...

What do you do in your free time? Personally, I love to stay active! I am a competitive Latin dancer and enjoy teaching and taking Zumba classes, going to the gym, and hiking.

2. I love...

Is there something, someone, or somewhere that you love? What makes your heart ache? What do you miss when it's gone? I can say that I love my friends because I feel my most confident when I'm surrounded by those who love and support me.

3. I look up to...

Is there someone you adore? Who mesmerizes you? Who do you wish to learn from? After watching "A Ballerina's Tale," I discovered Misty Copeland. In 2015 she became the first African American ballet dancer to become the Female Principal Dancer at American Ballet Theatre. Her passion, grace, and strength continuously motivate me to better myself as an athlete and an individual.

4. This art speaks to me because...

Coco Chanel said, "In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different." This encourages me to always follow my heart no matter what. I will never follow society's standards and norms because they do not define me. Chanel's saying definitely influences my character and lifestyle.

5. A funny and/or embarrassing memory of me is...

When you make others laugh they want to spend time and make memories with you! Don't be afraid to embarrass yourself. You will come off as down to earth, easy-going, and loyal.

6. My siblings or lack thereof influenced me by...

I can go on and on about my brother, who is 10 years older than I. We have opposite personalities and despite the age gap, we're quite close.

7. My pet(s) are my life because...

Only sad people don't like hearing about furry creatures, even if your pets are slimy and slithering creatures all human beings enjoy hearing pet tales!

8. I'm afraid of...

Your personality can be revealed by your likes and dislikes, including the things that you fear. I am terrified of change and the unknown, hence, the future is an anxiety-inducing topic to discuss for me.

9. I am the way I am because...

What have you gone through in life that has shaped you into who you are today? Remember to be open minded and allow yourself to open up to your peers. You may be surprised by how others respond and/or what others have endured as well.

10. The most unusual item that can be found in your dorm...

This is a fun fact about yourself that can easily liven up an awkward conversation. Think about your quirks and differences! One item I have in my dorm is my teddy bear, Peter, whom I like to joke is my boyfriend.

11. My dream job is...

In college, "What's your major?" is a widespread question. Nonetheless, skip the boring statement of "I'm majoring in..." and go in depth on what your dream job is (hopefully your major factors in to this dream of yours).

12. My hidden talents are...

Angelina Jolie is a knife thrower. Kendall Jenner can produce bird noises. Amanda Seyfried can crochet and knit. Is there anything special you can do? Some people have rare and unique talents, maybe you can think of some hidden talents of your own!

13. My guilty pleasure is...

I will say it a million times: don't be shy when introducing yourself to new people! I'll start by divulging my guilty pleasure: Youtube's family vlogging channel, "OKBaby"!

Check them out: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvUCbnwzySKgbKiB_...

14. Some activities on my bucket list are...

This is an easy way to grab people's attention and find others with similar desires as you. Be an adventurer! Go out of your comfort zone!

15. Talk about your best friend...

How would your best friend describe you? What do you love to do with your best friend?

16. Talk about an accomplishment of yours...

You are incredible and have achieved so much! Reveal something that you are proud of — show off a little!

17. This one time at my job...

Bosses breathing down your neck. Curious coworkers asking personal questions. Cursing customers who never leave you alone. Your job can be filled with tons of hilarious situations that can easily entertain a crowd.

18. During the summer...

Any scars with stories? Any summer flings? Any lessons learned from the tanning too long? Now that summer is over, disclose memories that can leave positive impressions on others.

19. I volunteer at...

Do you do any community service? Share a funny moment while you were volunteering. What did you learn while there? Would you continue?

20. [blank] is meaningful to me because...

What do you appreciate in life? What brightens your day? What makes you fall in love? What does someone have to do to make you smile?

Finally, remember to be outgoing! Reveal that three-mile smile and open your arms to learning about others. Spread smiles, love, and happiness.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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20 Things I'd Do If The Concept Of Time Was Abolished

If only our lives weren't limited by time.


Recently, news outlets have been reporting on how the people of Sommarøy, a Norwegian island located north of the arctic circle, would like to remove the concept of time. This is largely in part due to the fact that the sun does not set during much of the summer nor does it rise during the winter. The inhabitants of Sommarøy do not have rigidly separated days and nights like the rest of the world and can be found doing normal daytime activities at 2 am in the summers.

They also would like to take clocks out of their society. Although this lifestyle might seem impractical to the rest of us, I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to live in a world where time is irrelevant, in regards to the concept AND the physical effects of its passing. This newfound information gave rise to ideas of things (some simple, some whimsical) I'd do if the concept of time did not exist and we had as much time to do the things we wanted.

1. Live on a ship at sea.

2. Watch a flower grow from a seed to its death.

3. Apply as much makeup as desired without being late.

4. Retake my favorite college courses and participate as fully as I possibly can, including the completion of every single reading and film.

5. Take a non-stop trip through every country in the world.

6. Learn to play and fully master every single musical instrument in existence.

7. Watch a full rotation of Earth around the sun from space.

8. Live by myself in a cabin at the edge of the woods a la Thoreau.

9. Reread every single book that shaped my childhood.

10. Have a brief conversation with every old friend.

11. Re-drink that first sip of the perfect cup of coffee.

12. Observe how the tides change with the lunar cycle.

13. Learn as many languages as possible.

14. Sit at the beach and listen to music for days.

15. Train for an Olympic event.

16. Write a detailed, thorough analysis of every track in my favorite movie soundtracks.

17. Take a photo of every interesting place I visit and every little nook I find peace in and make a physical photo album.

18. Cook food without burning it.

19. Watch a star's life cycle from birth to death.

20. Replay the feeling of coming home.


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