Great roommates are few and far between. While almost everyone has horror stories about awful roommate experiences, it's extremely rare to find people that are happy and comfortable living with one another. A prime example of #friendshipgoals is the relationship between our dearest POTUS and VPOTUS, who we will miss immensely when they leave us shortly.

Instead of mourning their departure, let's reminisce over their 8 years in office and admire how high they set the bar for us to aspire towards in all our future friendships, relationships, and living situations. Here are 14 ways Joebama represent what it's like to live with someone you genuinely enjoy:

1. When they encouraged one another to stay fit

If your roommate doesn't try to persuade you to go to the gym at least once, are they really your friend?

2. When they're always there for reassurance

Whether you're BS-ing a presentation that you didn't prepare for or begging your professor to give you the fraction of a grade to get an A, a great roommate is always on the sidelines offering silent support.

3. When you've had a stressful day so they pour you a drink

No judgment, just hard alcohol.

4. When you get close to their significant others

They're going to be coming over a lot so you might as well learn to love them now.

5. When you start having inside jokes

No one outside of your friendship will ever fully understand.

6. When you take care of one another

Whether it's tea, cough drops, or shoulder massages, TLC is key in successful rooming situations.

7. You're always together

Especially during late nights. And while making gutsy decisions.

8. When you can't contain your feelings for one another

Some things just need to be said.

9. When you change your outfit for the 927th time before going out and you ask their opinion

Because you know they'll always be honest with you

10. When you introduce them to new music and they love it


11. When you lose them in the dining hall

I swear she was just here, but she's short so she's hard to spot.

12. When you're waiting for them to come home because it's lonely when no one else is there

Once you live with someone, it's hard to be alone for extended periods of time.

13. When they're your wingman/woman

Having someone to talk you up in social situations is essential.

14. When you realize you might someday have to live without one another

But we're not talking about that now! For now we're just enjoying what we have.