Ah, yes, yet another article bashing Donald Trump. You have to admit though that it is way too easy, I mean we find out something different about him every other day. I’m just here to remind you all why we need to Make Obama President Again, ASAP.

1. A Huge Supporter Of Woman's Rights

What a man. Instead of saying things such as “Grab 'em by the p*ssy,” he has made it known that woman deserves the same rights as men, especially when it comes to woman’s reproductive rights. Also, he signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act which helps stop pay discrimination against women.

2. He Loves His Wife

Obama would do absolutely anything for Michelle, and he loves her unconditionally. Meanwhile, our current president apparently slept with a porn star and paying her to keep quiet, but hey you guys voted for him.

3. Encouraged Embryonic Stem Cell Research

This was once discouraged from Bush’s presidency, and since Obama allowed the research to continue, groundbreaking discoveries were made. These discoveries then led to cancer and spinal injury treatments.

4. Diverse Administration

During Obama’s presidency, he had the most diverse administration from women to minorities receiving top policy positions.

5. Reads To Children

On one Easter, Obama and Michelle read “Where the Wild Things Are” to many children outside of the White House. C’mon Trump, step up your game and read to some children for once instead of golf.

6. Actually Cares & Is Compassionate

As many of you know about the Flint, Michigan water crisis that has been going on for far too long, Obama actually went there to see firsthand the problem and demanded politicians to fix the disaster. (Which is still a current major problem, but Obama TRIED & CARES.)

7. Signed the Hate Crimes Prevention Act

Obama made it illegal for anyone to hurt someone based on their sex or gender identification.

8. Has A Filter & Doesn’t Make Threats Via Twitter

As Trump says “sh*thole countries,” and tweets multiple threats to North Korea and Joe Biden behind a phone screen, Obama has class, and would never think to do such things.

I could go on and on about the multiple reasons Obama is more fit to be a president than Trump, but I’ll just leave it at 8 for now. We all miss you, and what you to know that. XOXO Love you bunches, Obama.