NY Muslim Community In Conflict About Surveillance
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NY Muslim Community In Conflict About Surveillance

Is it for safeguarding or for scrutiny?

NY Muslim Community In Conflict About Surveillance

After the leader of a Queens mosque and his friend were gunned down, the Muslim community in New York has now backed away from their original opposition to having surveillance around their places of worship. The community now asks that each street corner have cameras around mosques to prevent another assassination.The community wishes to safeguard their places of worship.

This change in opinion within the Muslim community is a major one. Originally, the idea of having cameras around mosques was because Muslims are a frequent target of police surveillance. Police wanted to use surveillance as a means of seeking out potential terrorists. However, now the idea of having cameras around mosques is meant for protection. The Muslim community now faces a conflict of wanting police protection, but not wanting to become vulnerable to the police. The community already receives plenty of scrutiny, and they don't want to receive any more.

Oscar Morel, a man of Hispanic origin, was charged with two counts of second degree murder after assassinating the leader of the Queens mosque and his friend. Perhaps requesting surveillance around mosques to prevent another assassination like this one will bring the Muslim community and the police together. Perhaps surveillance will show the police that the Muslim community promotes peace instead of violence, and it will show the community that the police only wants to protect people at all costs. Right now, the idea of surveillance remains a source of conflict.

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