14 Reasons To Get Naked More
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14 Reasons Being Naked More Often Helps You Practice Body Positivity

With practice, being naked and creating confidence will feel like a natural part of your day.

14 Reasons Being Naked More Often Helps You Practice Body Positivity

Nudity is scary but powerful. Don't believe me? Just try going au naturel for an hour. Wake up one day and walk around butt naked in your own home. Who knows, maybe you will start doing it every day for an hour since you'll start to feel the benefits.

Your naked energy is strong and compelling. This is where the real magic happens. The real confidence booster.

Body confidence comes and goes and it's absolutely normal to feel self-conscious here and there, but it's also invigorating when you can really manifest confidence. Especially when you're unclothed. It's time to strip and appreciate what you see staring back at you from the mirror because it is absolutely gorgeous.

I love talking taboo topics, but I don't believe walking around naked should be part of this forbidden category. As long as you aren't harming yourself and others, you can do whatever your heart pleases in the safety of your own home. I don't want to see the eye-rolls and whispers — don't knock it 'till you try it. Start slow and start sleeping naked. There is no reason to be embarrassed — you're in your natural state!

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With practice, being naked and creating confidence will feel like a natural part of your day.

1. After spending time in your natural form and skin, you will finally feel free.

The more time you spend countering your insecurities in the nude, the less power they will hold over you. Sitting in the discomfort is hard, but it is worth it as you will "rediscover the freeing, restorative quality of conscious nudity."

2. You'll find your mojo in the bedroom.

Spending more time in your birthday suit helps your mind, soul, and your body's performance. If you love your body inside and out, then you are more likely to keep that confidence during sex.

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3. You'll realize how incredible your body is.

This may seem a little intimidating. Trust me, I'm right there with you, but as you move around, you may realize how capable your body is as it allows you to do your favorite things all day long.

4. Your skin can drastically improve. 

Wearing clothes all day can really impact the appearance and health of your skin. Sweaty, tight, itchy clothes can cause unnecessary rashes, infections, scars, and wrinkles. Plus, according to Dr. Michael Florillo, a plastic surgeon and skincare expert, going naked "helps the elimination of sweat toxins that clothing can reintroduce to the body and better overall blood circulation."

5. Once you rip that bra off, your body can finally breathe.

In the same way as letting your skin finally breathe, allowing your body to move freely is just as beneficial.

6. Once you start feeling confident naked, you can really start feeling confident with clothes on.

If you can do it naked, you can do it in a rocking outfit.

7. When you finally strip down, you realize you have nothing to be ashamed of because you and your natural human body are beautiful. 

This is another one that can be a challenge, but it all takes time. All your "imperfections" are actually perfectly imperfect.

8. You may start feeling sexier and hornier.

Your sensual, seductive side may come out and you'll want to carve out some precious me-time. *wink wink*

9. You can dance around your room like you just don't care and enjoy the happy-hormone rush of the risk.

Can't I do this with clothes on? Yes, but when you're jumping around naked and holding on to your boobies because, ouch, it's a whole new feeling. Plus, there is the risk of being caught or seen, or just the idea that you're flailing around in the nude can make you feel giddy. You're a kid all over again and it's time to enjoy it.

10. You'll start sleeping better.

In general, when you take off those extra layers of clothing, you are lowering your body temperature, which helps you fall asleep quicker.

11. Walking and sleeping in your birthday suit actually lowers cortisol and stress levels.

Cortisol is a stress hormone and we don't need anymore than we already have.

12. Less stress, more happiness.

And more happiness leads to more confidence.

13. Walking around naked, will remind you to improve your posture.

Weird flex, but it's true and posture really has an impact on how you feel about yourself.

14. Eventually, you realize that there is more to you than just your body.

Walking around in the nude will be shocking, windy, and strange in the beginning. All your attention may be drawn to the weirdness, but over time, you will realize that you are more than a body. How shocking! You are a beautiful, talented, incredible, and complex human being that deserves love and respect — no matter where you are with body positivity.

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