Ahh, November 1st. It is the day that truly divides American culture...

Is it still Fall?

Or is it Christmastime?

I must say, I fall into the (slightly controversial) latter. Sure, I was a little annoyed when I saw the Hershey Kisses Christmas Commercial on October 18th (it's a bit early, even for me), but was also a little excited when I walked through Target last week and saw the shelves bare, except for a few lone pumpkins and Halloween decorations, and Christmas stuff slowly being added. The minute the clock strikes midnight after Halloween, this is 100% me:

This is also me.

I have my Christmas decorations locked and loaded, ready to go up immediately. I will start breaking out the Christmas sweaters and Christmas socks, start blasting some Christmas jams, have a countdown 'til the SNL Christmas Special, and go to Target at least twice a week to ravage the Dollar Section for cute things. I'm the kind of person who goes full-out for Christmas-in-July, so this should come as no surprise. Meanwhile, many of those around me will still be rocking their fall colored clothes, prepping for Thanksgiving one potato at a time, and hanging onto their pumpkins, even though they're starting to rot a bit. This is them:

Hey, to each their own. Given that Christmas is a pretty global holiday (for those who celebrate it, obviously not every single person celebrates it, but people all over the world do), and Thanksgiving is an American holiday, I'm okay mentally skipping over it. It's not that I do not celebrate Thanksgiving, I'd just rather celebrate the Christmas season a little longer. Thanksgiving is like the day break in the two-month long most-wonderful-time-of-the-year. I don't need four weeks to prep for it.

As much as I do love the glitz and glamour of the entire holiday season, I love Christmas for far more reasons than the material aspects. Like Thanksgiving, it is an entire season where I am consciously reflective and thankful for all I have in this life. My family, my friends, my health, my faith; really everything. It is truly a time to feel renewed and reborn, as well as give back. Even if you don't celebrate Christmas, and you celebrate Hanukah or Kwanzaa, or a host of other holidays around this time, I think the central message is the same - enjoying those around you and being thankful for all you have in life. I think it's okay to do that no matter what time of year it is, so if you're ready for Christmas now, all the power to you!

Total Side note, for anyone looking for a new Holiday activity, I encourage you to look into Reverse Advent Calendars! I heard of it last year and knew immediately I wanted to do that this year. Many websites suggest doing daily donations of food and other necessities, but I think it's also a great opportunity to maybe go through your closet and pick out some nice items that could go a long way for someone! I know I'll personally be doing that as well.

So whenever you decide it's time to don your Christmas sweaters and put up the 'ol mistletoe, or play with your dreidel, I hope you also "remember the reason for the season," whatever that reason is for you!

Happy Holidays, y'all!